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nipro iv set

The following paragraph will briefly introduce the world’s top branded IV set. If you are looking for the top 100 syringes & IV sets manufacturers in China, please click here to learn more.

Baxter International, Inc.

The company 

Baxter International, Inc., an American multinational healthcare company, maintains its headquarters in Deerfield, Illinois, USA. It has two divisions: (1) Bioscience and (2) Medical Products. Under Bioscience, the company focuses on treating kidney diseases. On the other hand, Medical Products manage intravenous fluids and products used to deliver fluids and drugs.

The infusion set

Baxter promotes its infusion set using Single Set Technology. The innovative method reduces the number of set-ups and teardowns, decreasing, in turn, the risk of touch contamination. With this design, users can realize 53% cost savings in IV tubing sets and up to 30% reduction in IV tubing usage.

Nipro Corporation

The company 

Nipro Corporation, a Japanese medical equipment manufacturing company, set its headquarters in Osaka, Japan. As of 2013, the company maintains 58 subsidiaries in Japan, other Asian countries, America, and Europe.

The infusion set

Nipro’s winged infusion sets provide users with a seamless infusion therapy experience. Its large textured wings and ultra-sharp needle facilitate its placement, providing easy handling by healthcare professionals and reducing discomfort for patients.

B. Braun Medical, Inc.

The company

B. Braun, a German medical and pharmaceutical device company headquartered in Melsungen, Germany, currently employs 63,000 employees globally. It has offices and production facilities in more than 60 countries. The company leads in infusion therapy and pain management. It develops, manufactures, and markets innovative medical products and services to the healthcare industry.

The infusion set

B. Braun’s infusion set, Intrafix® SafeSethas, has an air vent for gravity infusions, additionally equipped with a bacteria-tight air vent and snap cap. Designers provide the drip chamber with a large filter area retaining particles equal to or greater than 15 um. Health providers can use the infusion set for all—adults, pediatric patients, and neonates.

intrafix safeset

Smiths Medical and ICU Medical

The company

ICU Medical Inc. acquired Smiths Medical, and the headquarters resides in San Clemente, California, USA. The Smiths Medical business focuses on developing, producing, and distributing syringes, ambulatory infusion devices, vascular access, and essential care products. The combined companies of ICU Medical Inc. and Smiths Medical will generate revenues of approximately US$2.5 billion.

The infusion set

Smiths Medical received the 2006 Medical Design Excellence Award because of its product Cleo 90 insulin infusion set. This kind of infusion set works best with insulin pump users who greatly depend on it to control their blood sugar. The pump delivers the insulin through a small tube inserted in the body in the form of the Cleo 90 infusion set.

CareFusion and Becton Dickinson (BD)

The company

CareFusion started its business in 2009. It specializes in two areas of concern: reducing medication errors and preventing healthcare-associated infections. Historically, CareFusion belonged to Cardinal Health, which had medical technology businesses, but a spinoff took place. CareFusion has headquarters in San Diego, California, USA. In March 2015, CareFusion merged with Becton Dickinson.

The infusion set 

The gravity infusion set of CareFusion and Becton Dickinson (BD) has a length of 150 cm. It has a plastic spike with an air vent or not and a drip chamber with a 15 um liquid filter.

Medline Industries, Inc.

The company 

Medline, the largest privately-held manufacturer, and distributor of medical supplies headquartered in Northfield, Minnesota, USA, provides products, education, and support across the continuum of healthcare. The company differentiates itself from others by bringing best practices from one care setting to another.

The infusion set 

Primarily, Medline Industries Inc. distributes products from other manufacturing companies. It distributes  Safety Small Vein Butterfly Infusion Set by Nipro Medical; it distributes Sub-Q-Set Subcutaneous Infusion Set  by Baxter Healthcare; it distributes  Surflo Winged Infusion Sets manufactured by Terumo Medical Corporation.

Integrated Medical Systems, Inc. (IMS) 

The company 

Integrated Medical Systems, Inc. was founded in 1994, and it is headquartered in Bolingbrook, Illinois, USA. Mainly, it has been serving healthcare providers by offering a broad line of medical disposables from several leading manufacturers. The company does not only provide timely deliveries of medical products; it also provides repairs of equipment.

The infusion set

IMS distributes infusion sets with a GVS EasyDrop® flow regulator, universal vented/non-vented spike, male swivel Luer lock, roller clamp, and drip chamber. In addition, it also distributes infusion sets with a 0.2m in-line filter. Lastly, the company also offers needle-free infusion sets with flow regulators.

IMed IV Admin Set

Romsons Disposable Medical Devices

The company

Romsons, headquartered in New Delhi, India, has been in the business of medical devices for over a half-century now. It pioneered the concept of disposable medical devices to deter the spread of infections. The company carries products that promote the healing, well-being, and safety of patients.

The infusion set 

The company promotes the infusion set known as the RMS Vented Infusion Set, SS-3060. Designers equipped the infusion set with a sharp piercing spike for easy insertion in the intravenous fluid container. It has a built-in air vent and bacteria barrier hydrophobic filter. In addition, designers put a disc type 15um fluid filter at the bottom of the drip chamber to filter particulate matters present and existing in the intravenous fluid.

RMS Vented Infusion Set 

Codan US Corporation

The company

Codan, an American manufacturer, and distributor of medical devices, became well-known among its existing and prospective users because of more than 60 years of research and development. It has been serving as a partner of the medical industry. It contributed to the safe care of patients worldwide through reliable and innovative infusion and transfusion therapy. The company’s headquarters resides in California, USA.

The infusion set

The company promotes its infusion set with CODAN SWAN-LOCK and CODAN FlowStop Cap™. Designers equipped this infusion set with a swabable needle-free Y-injection site for the safe and secure administration of different medications.  The CODAN FlowStop Cap™ maintains the fluid path sterility and prevents leakage during preparation and ventilation. In addition, the priming cap allows priming without removing the cap and thus reduces the risk of bacterial contamination.

Kawasumi Laboratories, Inc.

The company

The company, headquartered in Florida, USA, has been known to its users as the leader in disposable medical devices. It has been providing high-quality disposable medical devices in the United States and Latin America since 1991. Kawasumi pioneered the creation of safety medical devices protecting medical professionals from life-threatening needle stick accidents.

The infusion set

The K-Shield Advantage infusion set features simple one-step activation, which eliminates the possibility of accidents, thus providing safety for medical professionals.

MCKESSON Medical Supplies

The company

McKesson Corporation, an American company headquartered in Texas, USA, specializes in distributing pharmaceuticals and providing health information technology, medical supplies, and care management tools. Founded in 1833, it now has 80,000 employees.

The infusion set

The company promotes and distributes infusion sets: (1) Primary Administration Set MedStream 20 Drops/ml Drip Rate 92 Inch Tubing 1 Port, and (2) Primary Administration Set MedStream 20 Drops/ml Drip Rate 81 Inch Tubing 1 Port. Both of them are McKesson brands.

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