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What Is The Air Stop Infusion Set

Automatic Liquid-Stopping Infusion Set

Of the many blessings of technology, which brought forth a revolution in medicine and helped humanity, the air stop infusion set is one. It reduces the stress of the medical staff as well as of the patient. Many risks could be eliminated through the use of the automatic air stop infusion set.

What is an Automatic Air Stop Infusion Set?

It is the disposable infusion set with an automatic airstop drip chamber. The drip chamber can automatically block air passage when the infusion container runs empty and maintains fluids in the infusion line. In other words, the fluid can go through the filter in the bottom of the drip chamber, but the air cannot go through it. So this device can stop the fluid flow when we remove the spike from the infusion bag.

Automatic Liquid-Stopping Infusion Set
Automatic Air Stop Infusion Set

Why is Using Automatic Air Stop Infusion Set Important?

Infusion of electrolytes becomes inevitable in innumerable cases, such as sodium and potassium enhanced water. This, in turn, helps our body to absorb water more quickly.

Such infusion helps in rehydration, pre-surgery, and post-surgery. Gone are the days when the alteration of the infusion water bottle was a complication. All thanks to the invention of the Automatic Liquid Stopping Infusion Set.

Before this invention, if the infusion liquid bottle weren’t changed at the right time, air bubbles would tend to enter a person’s veins or arteries. These air bubbles caused air embolism, which could prove to be fatal and life-threatening. If air bubbles reach your heart, brain, or lungs, they may cause severe stroke or heart attack problems.

All such complications are easy to avoid with the invention of the Automatic Liquid Stopping Infusion Set.

The Main Parts of the Air Stop Infusion Set

It comprises of the following:

1) Plastic spike with air vent

2) Automatic air stop drip chamber with/without injection site

3) Flow regulator.

4) Luer lock connector

5) Intravenous infusion needle

6) Tube

Plastic spike with air vent

The plastic spike is a hollow device accompanied by a protector cap. You will find it at the end of your IV set. The protector cap is made of polyethylene and keeps the plastic spike sterile. The air vent connects to the spike through a short tube to let the air in and make the liquid down.

Plastic spike with air vent
Plastic spike with air vent

Automatic air stop drip chamber with/without injection site

The drip chamber has filtration membranes with pore diameters of 5um which is located on the bottom of the drip chamber. The filtration membrane can avoid particulate contamination and prevent air pass through.

Automatic liquid-stopping drip chamber with/without injection site

How does it work?

After the liquid runs out, the liquid level drops to the filtration membrane. The entry of the following air into lower tubing can be blocked according to the capillary pores of the filtration membrane.
A liquid column is created in the lower tubing by the balance among its gravity, atmospheric pressure, human venous pressure, and filtration membrane gravity upward.

Flow regulator

The flow regulator is located between the drip chamber and the infusion connector. It permits us to change the flow of liquid without disfiguring the IV tube. It works like a roller clamp to regulate the flow. We can hang the intravenous needle on the port of the roller clamp to prepare for vein puncture.

Roller clamp
Roller clamp

The fluid could be slowed down or stopped by compressing the clamp whenever required. Liquid flow can be regulated from zero to maximum.

The flow regulator has another purpose. It permits the liquid to run through the entire length of the IV tube. While running, the fluid removes all air bubbles, thus preventing embolism.

Flow regulator
Flow regulator

Luer lock connector

Luer locks enable the intravenous needle to be joined securely without any leaks. The intravenous needle is locked into place with a hub on the female fitting, which fixes into the sleeve of a male fitting.
Luer locks are strong and prevent accidental removal of the needle as well as unintentional injections.

luer lock connector
Luer lock connector

Intravenous infusion needle

This device is used for venipuncture. It has one or two flexible bilateral wings, a hypodermic needle, flexible small bore transparent tubing that is usually 20 to 35 cm long, and a connector called Luer Lock Connector.

disposable scalp vein set
Intravenous infusion needle


The Automatic liquid stopping infusion has a PVC tube. The normal length is 150cm. It is transparent so that the flow of the infused fluid can easily be administered through normal vision. The IV tube is soft and flexible. It has smooth interior walls to avoid the formation of air bubbles.

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