What Is Filtered IV Set

IV set with needle

Filtered IV sets is the IV set with a small micron solution filter in their drip chamber or attached to the tubing. This filter removes potential contaminants from the infusion fluid.

The filtered IV set protects the patient from receiving fluid containing particulate matter, bacteria, or air emboli. Particulates or bacteria in the infusion fluid infused to the patient can cause phlebitis, an inflammation of the blood vessels. Thus, using filtered IV sets protects and prevents the patients from contracting phlebitis.

Medical workers and professionals use IV set with filter to infuse different medications. Thus, manufacturers design and prepare varying types of filters with varying pore sizes. A 15-micron filter is usually used for the normal gravity IV set. The filtration rate of 15μm±1μm latex particles is ≥90%.

IV solution filter
IV solution filter

In some forms, the IV set contains the filters (in-line filter) and is available in different sizes. A 15-micron filter screens large particles that could have been admixed in the fluid during the preparation of products, like glass particles from glass ampules. IV set manufacturers also design and prepare a 0.22-micron filter to remove bacteria.

As mentioned in the preceding, IV set with filter play a great role in preventing some complications in the management of patients. However, in some situations, medical workers do not resort to using them. Some medications contain molecules too large to pass through the filter. These large molecules may bind to the filter and be unnecessarily removed from the IV fluid. Thus, care needs to be exercised in using the right filter or not using it at all. The policies of the medical institutions need to be consulted regarding medications that need filters for parenteral administration.

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