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What is a blood transfusion set?

Blood transfusion set


A blood transfusion set, also called a blood set, is a sterile gadget consisting mainly of tubing whose function is to convey, conduct, or deliver blood or blood products from a plastic container into a patient’s vein.

To facilitate the transfer, medical staff will hang the blood package well above and over the patient because the set operates by way of gravitational fluid administration.

One end is provided with a pointed structure, known as the spike, which is used to prick the bag of blood, and the other end is where the hypodermic needle is attached. The needle is then inserted into the vein of the patient.

dispoable blood transfusion set
Blood transfusion set

Parts of blood transfusion set

The blood transfusion set parts include a plastic spike protector, plastic spike, air vent, drip chamber, blood filter, tubing, flow regulator, injection port, Luer connector, and hypodermic needle, each playing a crucial role in orchestrating a seamless and secure blood transfusion process.

blood transfusion set drawing
Blood transfusion set

Plastic spike protector

The protector serves to cover the plastic spike and thus maintain its cleanliness. It is usually made of PE. The plastic spike enters the container of the blood being transfused and directly touches the blood itself. Therefore, its cleanliness and sanitary condition must be maintained at all costs. These are ensured by the protector.

Plastic spike 

The plastic spike is located at the most distal end of the tube and is made of ABS. It is used to pierce the container or bag of blood and anchor the whole blood transfusion set while in use. 


plastic spike of blood transfusion set
Plastic spike

Air vent 

The air vent is located at the base of the plastic spike. It serves as an inlet of air going inside the container or bag of the blood being transfused. Ultimately, this air helps exert some pressure upon the blood, enhancing the transfusion.

Drip chamber 

This is the sac-like and transparent chamber which is situated immediately below the base of the spike. This is the first part of the blood set wherein the blood drips into and collects. It serves as a venue to count the flow rate and observe if the blood being infused is flowing. The drip chamber can be made of DEHP PVC or Non-DEHP PVC.

drip chamber of blood transfusion set
Drip chamber

Blood filter

The blood filter, made of PP, is located inside the drip chamber. It removes clots, small clumps of platelets, and white blood cells formed during collection and storage. The standard blood set uses filters with pore sizes of 170-260 microns. There are also smaller component sets equipped with filters for plasma, platelets, and red cell aliquots.  


The flexible and transparent tube is the main structure of the blood set. The tube serves as the central passageway of the blood being transfused. All the supporting parts are attached to it. 

The primary raw material of the tube is polyvinyl chloride (PVC). Some di(2-ethylhexyl) phthalate (DEHP) was added to provide the blood set with some degree of flexibility. However, this product cannot be used by these groups of people and in these situations:

· Patients with known allergic reactions to the product;

· Transfusions wherein pressure equipment, such as infusion pump, is used;

· Patients who are infants, children, pre-adolescent males, pregnant and lactating women.

Flow regulator

The flow regulator, made of PE or ABS, is attached along the tube, between the drip chamber and the injection port. It can be moved up and down along the plastic tube. We use it to control and regulate the flow rate of the blood being transfused.

roller clamp
Flow regulator

Injection port

The injection port is situated before the needle. It is here where drugs and other medications may be administered while transfusion occurs. The material of the injection port can be latex or latex-free. The latex material is prohibited for those allergic to latex, and latex-free would be recommended.

Injection site connects with needle by luer lock connector
Injection port connects with needle by luer lock connector

Luer lock connector

The Luer lock connector is Made of ABS, this part is practically the most proximal part of the blood set, immediately behind the needle. It is in this structure that the hypodermic needle is attached. 

Hypodermic needle 

This is the structure that is used to pierce and prick the vein of the patient. This actually connects the blood transfusion set to the patient. At the end of the blood transfusion set, it dramatically influences the flow of the blood being infused. If the cannula diameter is more prominent, the flow could be made faster. If smaller, the flow could be slower. Thus, the right gauge of the needle must be used so that the amount of blood needed within a particular period could be met.


· This product is fully functional for five years. Before using it, look for the expiration date, which is printed on the seal of the packaging material. If the product has expired, never use it.

· If there are indications that the product has been damaged or contaminated or the protective cap has been removed and allows the entry of some dust and other particles, refrain from using the product.

· Once the product has been opened, use it immediately. Never procrastinate using it because if you do, you are allowing its contamination. 

· The product can have some amount of latex or latex-free. The rubber hose is used only for injecting some drugs. If the patient is allergic to latex material, then the latex-free material will be used instead.    

· Studies have shown that DEHP has some toxic and side effects on the reproductive system. Thus, it is not suitable to use the blood transfusion set containing DEHP in introducing drugs and fat-soluble liquids, such as fat milk, into the patient’s circulatory system. Neonates, pregnant women, and nursing mothers should not receive any form of transfusion using this product. More importantly, the clinical medical staff should bear in mind the potential toxicities of this product to high-risk groups, including neonates, pre-adolescent males, pregnant and lactating mothers. For these sensitive groups, possible product substitutes need to be used.

· As of this writing, compatibility tests of drugs and compatibility information regarding the interaction of other drugs with blood transfusion set containing DEHP are still not available. Hence, clinical medical personnel is admonished to pay attention to possible interactions between some medicines and the PVC pipeline. If ever there is interaction, this could lead to a reduction in the efficacy of the drug. For drugs with known and established interaction with the PVC pipeline, this product should never be used.      

Company Introduction

Liaoning KANGYI Medical Equipment Co., Ltd was founded in 1994 and is one of the leading manufacturers of IV sets, syringes, and medical parts in China. Quality is our highest priority, and our quality assurance system is certified and meets the standards of the Chinese National Medical Products Administration, ISO 13485, and the European Union’s CE mark.

We produce over 600 million pieces per year. Our products are sold across China and exported worldwide, to destinations including Europe, South America, Russia, Africa, and the Middle East.

Our company employs over 300 staff, including 50 people working in engineering and technical management. Our premises occupy an area of 20,000 square meters, with a construction area of 15,000 square meters. This space includes a 100,000-class purification workshop that occupies 8,000 square meters.

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