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What Is A Auto Disable Syringe

sip syringe

Autodisable syringes are the instruments recommended by the WHO (World Health Organization). They are also referred to as AD syringes. Currently, numerous auto-disable syringes have been created regarding standard performance specifications. Furthermore, the needle of injection must not be used more than once. The barrels are transparent, ensuring quick measurements.

Types of auto disable syringes

Auto-disable syringes are of many types. We dive into those types below:

Auto-disable Syringe with Clip or Flanges

Autodisable syringes can only be used once because of their internal mechanism. Clips and flanges are important parts of this syringe. Once the plunger comes to the point where it risks safety for the professionals, it cannot be pulled. Therefore, it prevents reusing. It will eventually break if the user attempts to use it for the second time.

AD syringe
AD syringe

Breaking Plunger Syringe with Reuse Prevention Features (RUP Syringe)

RUP stands for Re-Use Prevention. As it states by the name, the objective is to ensure that the needle is not used more than once. These syringes, unlike Autodisable syringes, include variable dosing. Some of these syringes may also enable to fulfill multiple plungers’ demands.

Certain structures of the RUP syringes may possess weak spots within them. These spots may virtually lead to them breaking down if the user, deliberately or non-deliberately, decides to pull the plunger.

SIP Syringes (Sharp Injury Protection)

SIP stands for Sharp Injury Protection. As it states by the name, the objective is to ensure that the medical specialists do not suffer from a physical injury. These syringes contain the mechanism to cover the needle after the completion of the procedure. This mechanism can prevent physical injuries and those who deal with sharp waste products.

The needle assemblies are a massive part of their structure. These syringes also possess breaking plungers in their structure, which minimizes the risk of a physical injury.

SIP Syringes
SIP Syringes

Manual Retractable Syringe

Retractable Syringes Manual ensures the withdrawal of the needle into the barrel of the syringe. The safety measure is to pull the plunger constantly until the needle has retracted into the barrel, preventing physical damages to you, such as stabs. The needle cannot be used more than once, hence minimizing the risk of infections or pollution.

Automatic Retractable Syringes

Just like the manual version, Automatic Retractable Syringe prevents you from risking yourself with infections or stabs. The difference between both is a certain supporting device such as a spring. Eventually, it will pull the needle towards the direction of the plunger until the plunger considers itself at the bottom of the barrel.

The needle is retracted, which ensures efficiency within the procedure. It also minimizes the risk of having a second injury. This syringe is also easy-to-use and can be vented within hours after the procedure is completed.

Pros and Cons of The AD Syringes

Autodisable syringes are formidable when it comes to immunization and vaccination purposes. However, they come with contrasting views and opinions. In this section, we look into the advantages and disadvantages of the autodisable syringes. 


  • Easy to use and does not require many instructions before usage.
  • You do not need to worry about your physical condition as it minimizes the threat of any infections. The syringe protects the medical specialists and patients from the transmission of blood pathogens like HIV (Human Immunodeficiency Virus). 
  • It guarantees the least risk of reuse. 
  • The syringe is non-toxic and won’t bring any interferences within the procedure. 
  • The fixed-needle design ensures the removal of the dead space within the syringe, which wastes the vaccine. Furthermore, it does not allow the bubbles to enter the syringe because of the inappropriate fitting of the needle.
  • There is no adjustment needed to withdraw the plungers completely.  
  • The auto-disable syringe is pre-sterilized. You don’t need to carry certain equipment like a pressure cooker to your session site. Therefore, it acts as a portable device.


  • The cost of AD syringe is higher than the normal disposable syringe
  • Even though it possesses the least risk of use, there is always a probability of using this syringe again. 
  • There is always the risk of needlestick injuries, which can harm the medical specialist or the patient physically. 
  • The wastes remaining after the procedure must be dealt with immediately. 

Use of AD Syringes

The two sizes of autodisable syringes (0.1ml and 0.5ml) ensure immunization. Apart from that, there is an extra 5ml of disposable vaccine associated with the Measles Vaccine. Each vial will be considered by a singular needle and a disposable syringe.

The AD syringes dealing with immunization will possess a fixed needle. These syringes will be provided with pre-sterilized completely.

Autodisable syringes have increased in importance in North America, South America, Australia, and Africa. As per WHO’s demands, this syringe was created to ensure the creation of immunization injections effectively. The medical specialists in all of the continents are working hard to bring easiness to the usage of the auto-disable syringe.

The biggest factor in ensuring this is the cost. The cost of these syringes is approximately 50% more as compared to other syringes respectively. However, these prices will soon go down once the use of the auto-disable syringes gets normalized. There will be further updates from the medical professionals regarding their usage. All of the designs regarding AD syringes ensures the prevention of resale or reuse of medical equipment. Apart from that, it promotes sanitation and hygiene to ensure positive results from this syringe.  


Today, immunization is extremely important. One of the ways to ensure immunization is the auto-disable syringes. The medical professionals have laid down the importance of these syringes. These syringes are now considered important in healthcare. It remains to be seen how the WHO organization evolves the use of the auto-disable syringes in the future.

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