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Types Of Syringe

types of syringe

The main types of syringe we produce are the Luer lock syringe and the Luer slip syringe.

Luer slip syringe

What is a Luer slip syringe?

The Luer slip syringe is an innovative medical instrument with a smooth spigot on the top, which sets it apart from other syringes. Unlike syringes with collars or threaded connections, the Luer Slip Tip utilizes a friction-fit connection, ensuring a seamless and secure attachment. This syringe is incredibly user-friendly, as the tip can be effortlessly “slipped” or pushed into the needle hub, guaranteeing a reliable and stable connection. Whether it’s for medical professionals administering injections or individuals self-administering medication, the Luer slip syringe provides a hassle-free and dependable experience.

Syringe size

The syringe size includes 1ml, 2ml, 2.5ml, 3ml, 5ml, 10ml, 20ml, 30ml, 50ml, and 60ml.

Syringe size of Luer slip syringe

Syringe part

The Luer slip syringe consists of 3 parts, called a three-part syringe, or 2 parts, called a two-part syringe. The three parts include a barrel, a plunger with a gasket, and a needle. Each component plays a crucial role in ensuring the syringe’s functionality and ease of use. Compared to a three-part syringe, the two-part syringe is without a gasket on the top of the plunger.

Firstly, the barrel and plunger are both crafted from medical-grade polypropylene (PP). This choice of material is intentional, as PP offers exceptional chemical resistance and durability. It withstands stress, cracking, impact, and fatigue, making the syringe highly reliable in various medical and laboratory settings. Additionally, the barrel is designed with precise, clearly marked units for accurate measurement, facilitating precise dosing and administration.

The gasket, is made from either latex or latex-free rubber, depending on the version you choose. This gasket material is responsible for enabling a smooth and effortless movement of the syringe’s plunger. If you or someone you’re assisting has a latex allergy, opting for the latex-free rubber gasket ensures a safe and comfortable experience.

Syringe uses

1ml syringe

The 1mL syringe is a versatile and commonly used option. It is frequently used by individuals with diabetes for insulin administration, called insulin syringes. Additionally, it is utilized for tuberculin and other medical requirements, such as post-operative conditions, vitamin deficiencies, and intramuscular injections.

2ml syringe & 3ml syringe

The 2ml syringe and 3mL syringe offer a practical choice for various purposes. It is commonly used in hospitals for drug administration. If you want to know more disposable products used in hospital, please click here to learn more. It is also suitable for managing vitamin deficiencies and performing intramuscular injections.  For vaccine injections, syringes 2ml and 3ml are commonly used. It’s important to select the appropriate syringe size based on the specific vaccine dose recommended by healthcare professionals. This ensures accurate administration and helps maintain the vaccine’s effectiveness.

5ml syringe

The 5 ml syringes are commonly used for administering intramuscular injections, which involve delivering medication directly into the muscles.

When administering intramuscular injections, it is important to insert the needle at a 90-degree angle to ensure proper delivery of the medication into the muscle tissue. This angle helps to ensure that the medication is absorbed effectively.

10ml syringe

The 10 mL syringe is indeed favored by many healthcare professionals for several reasons, including its clear and easy-to-read markings for liquid withdrawal and injection.

The clear markings on the barrel of a 10 mL syringe make reading the volume of liquid inside the syringe quick and straightforward. This ensures accurate measurement and dosing during both liquid withdrawal and injection processes. The clarity of the markings reduces the risk of errors and enhances the overall efficiency of medication administration.

Additionally, the larger size of the 10 mL syringe makes it suitable for situations where higher volumes of medication need to be administered, such as with intramuscular injections or when precise dosing is required.

All the disposable syringes and needles are designed for a single use only. Repetitive use of needles and syringes can lead to the dissemination of infections, transmission risks, the infliction of injuries, and the imposition of pain.

Luer lock syringe

What is a Luer lock syringe?

Luer lock syringe with an internal thread and a collar on the top. The internal thread of the luer lock syringe allows for a tight, screw-like connection between the syringe and the needle. This prevents any unintended movement or separation during critical moments, ensuring that the needle stays securely in place.

Syringe size

The syringe size includes 1ml, 3ml, 5ml, 10ml, 20ml, 30ml, 50ml, and 60ml.

Syringe size of Luer lock syringe

Syringe part

The Luer lock syringe, also known as a three-part syringe, is meticulously crafted with three essential components: the barrel, plunger with gasket and needle. Each component is thoughtfully designed to ensure the syringe’s functionality, reliability, and ease of use.

Both the barrel and plunger of the Luer lock syringe are made from medical-grade polypropylene (PP). This material is specifically chosen for its exceptional chemical resistance and durability. PP can withstand the ethylene oxide sterilization and rigors of medical and laboratory environments, including exposure to various chemicals and repetitive use. Its ability to resist stress, cracking, impact, and fatigue makes the syringe highly reliable, ensuring it can be used confidently in various applications.

The barrel of the syringe is designed with precision and clarity in mind. It features accurately marked units, allowing for precise measurement of fluids. This clear measurement scale aids in precise dosing and administration, ensuring accurate delivery of medication or withdrawal of fluids.

The gasket is typically made from either latex or latex-free rubber, depending on the version of the syringe you choose. Latex gaskets are widely used in traditional syringes, but for individuals with latex allergies or sensitivities, opting for a latex-free rubber gasket is essential. This ensures a safe and comfortable experience while using the syringe.

The gasket’s primary function is to create an airtight seal between the barrel and the plunger. This seal prevents any leakage or air entry, allowing for accurate fluid withdrawal or injection. The smooth movement of the plunger, facilitated by the gasket, ensures a safe and comfortable experience.

Syringe uses

The syringes uses of Luer lock syringes are similar to Luer slip syringes mentioned above.

Where to buy syringes?

Liaoning Kangyi Medical Equipment Co., Ltd. is a leading disposable infusion sets and syringes manufacturer with 30 years of professional production experience in China. We have a comprehensive quality assurance system that meets the standards of the Chinese National Medical Products Administration, CE (MDR 2017/745), and ISO 13485.

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