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Types of IV Set Injection Ports

rubber tube with luer lock connector

Nowadays, the injection port is the most essential and standard healthcare part of iv set in the medical field. It introduces any vaccine, drug, or therapeutic medicine into the body utilizing a syringe with/without the needle. Choosing the right and specific products for a patient’s treatment or in a hospital is highly significant.

It is of great importance that the injection port is carried out carefully and safely. The injection port should be in a way that does not harm the person/patient or cause an avoidable health threat to the hospital worker.

Moreover, the injection port practice does not result in waste that is unsafe for the public. The connectors, adjustable tubes, and other infusion sets or apparatuses should be safe and eco-friendly. Thus, the use of sterile equipment, particularly sterile needles and syringes, is essential.

Which are the main injection ports used as parts of IV sets?

Although there are several kinds of injection ports used for various purposes, we will discuss the main parts of injection that are highly worthwhile and important for disposable infusion sets. From the IV set diagram, you can see where they are located.

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1. Rubber Tube/Bulb

2. Y injection port

3. Y needless connector

4. Drip chamber with the injection port

Rubber Tube/Bulb

Our flexible rubber tube/bulb connector is an essential part of IV set These are highly flexible and connect with a hypodermic needle with a Luer connector.

As part of the IV set, injection rubber tube/bulb ports are made exclusively of top-quality material like natural rubber or isoprene rubber and offer long durability. We have the 40mm and 50mm length rubber tubes. Check how it works in the IV tubing line For the rubber bulb, we have a length of 45mm. The rubber bulb, also called a flashbulb, is more widely used now.

The injection rubber bulb is available in a variety of models. Some kinds of them are suitable for machine installation, some not because of their shape. They possess outstanding characteristics that make their prices commendable. The Luer connector offers the ability of one side male or female Luer lock connector. These are very important while injecting a drip or any fluid required by the patient.

rubber tube with connector

Exclusive Features 

· Top-quality rubber and isoprene 

· Tolerate extreme temperatures

· Heat resistant

· High elasticity

· Tensile Resistant

· Corrosion Resistant

· Eco friendly

· Safe to use 

· Easy to connect

We provide safe and easy-to-use injection parts that are highly adjustable to the various infusion sets. These can be custom-made, which means that they are according to your requirements and needs and are available in bulk.

Y Injection Port

As part of the IV sets, the Y injection port is mainly a connector set made of an ABS shell and rubber pad. The rubber pad can be natural rubber, isoprene, or silicone. It usually depends on clients’ requirements. If the patients are allergic to natural rubbers, we would suggest using the Y injection port without natural rubber. From the price point of view, the price of silicone is the most expensive. The plastic shell is made of transparent ABS materials.

We have several kinds of Y injection ports, their usage is the same, but the shapes are different. For example, for the Y injection port with the edge, medical staff can hold the edge and are not easily stabbed when injecting the drugs.

Y injection sites for infusion sets

The Y injection ports are highly essential because these can be used with Y IV infusion sets. The two ends of the Y injection port are connected with tubing. We can inject the medicines into the tubing through the pad of the injection port.

Y Needless Connector

As needleless connectors for IV administration practice were familiarized in the early 1990s, an extensive range of these injection parts has come onto the marketplace. We can also call it Y needle-free connector as we can inject drugs with the syringes without needles. 

inject drugs by the syringes without needles
Inject drugs with syringes without needles.

Within a healthcare organization, various kinds of needleless connectors can be in use, varying noticeably in both function and design. In comparison, needleless connectors have significantly lessened the risk of needle stick damage among healthcare workers and help prevent blood clotting or refluxes during the treatment of a patient. The Y-shaped connector also possesses a robust anti-infection ability and reduces the chances of infection or harm. These Y-shaped connectors are highly effective in controlling the problems and complications in IV systems and other threats. 

Y Needless Connector

We provide transparent and premium quality needle-free connectors made up of silicone and PC material in bulk or blister. The silicone is usually blue or white. 

Drip Chamber with Injection Port

Some kinds of drip chambers also have an injection port, which is usually made of natural rubber. This is the port where the medicine or drug can be injected and transfused to the tubing. Check how it works in the IV tubing line

drip chamber

We are producing highly compatible and easy-to-use drip chambers with injection ports. The disposable IV sets with this kind of drip chamber sell well in Asian countries. We promise the quality and superiority of our unique equipment and adjustable connectors.

Final Words

Thus, these injection ports play a crucial role as integral components of the IV set. All of them undergo production and meticulous assembly in a clean room of class 100,000, ensuring a precise and sterile assembly process.

Consequently, you can save a lot of your money by exploring a wide variety of injection ports, including the rubber connector, Y injection port, drip chamber, injection port, needle-free connector, and much more health care apparatuses. We offer customized packaging along with your business or brand logo. So if you want to get these types of different medical tools, contact us at

Liaoning KANGYI Medical Equipment, with a rich history spanning three decades of specialized experience, stands as a seasoned manufacturer committed to the production of syringes and IV tubing. Our factory has successfully navigated the rigorous scrutiny of a TUV audit, and we take pride in holding a CE certificate in strict compliance with MDR 2017/745. Our lead time for a 40HC container is approximately 45 days.

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Production workshop

We are the world’s leading IV parts manufacturer. Get your required infusion sets with fast and reliable shipment services by booking your order now.

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