IV set with sing wing needle
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22G система для капельницы + фильтр, игла-бабочка

Описание  Система для капельницы 22G представляет собой важный медицинский инструмент, применяемый для точного и безопасного введения инфузионных растворов в периферические вены пациентов. Ее использование становится

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iv giving set

Types Of IV Sets

The PVC admixed within the materials used for infusion sets provides high strength, flexibility, transparency, easy sealing, good resistance to sterilization procedures, and comparatively low cost.

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syringe production

Top 100 IV set & Syringe Manufacturers In China-I

Manufacturers in Jiangsu mainly produce syringes, and they have advanced fully automated assembly machines. Most of the manufacturers in Jiangsu are concentrated in Sanhekou, Changzhou, such as Kanghua Medical, Huichun Medical, and Kangjin Medical.

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infusion sets

What is A Single-winged Drip Set?

The disposable infusion set is practically a tube system that connects the container of fluid, medications, or blood products with the needle inserted into the patient’s vein. However, it is not as simple a tube as it appears because attached parts perform a particular function along the way.

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25G scalp vein set

What Is A Butterfly Needle

Scalp vein sets are sterilized and single-use medical devices. Mostly, they are equipped with butterfly needle, which is connected to flexible tubing.

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