packged iv sets in a carton

Sterile Barrier System v.s Protective Packaging

The sterile barrier system refers to the primary packaging that is specifically designed to maintain sterility, protect the product from contamination, and allow for aseptic presentation. The protective packaging serves as an additional layer of defense for the sterile barrier system. 

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assembly process of iv infusion set

IV Set Production Line

A whole assembly process of an IV infusion set by machine, including the assembly of the fluid filter, the assembly of the drip chamber with spike, the assembly of the roller clamp, the assembly of the injection port, and the assembly of the IV tubing.

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iv set diagram

IV Set Diagram

Here is the list of the IV set parts name: Protective cap, Plastic spike, Air vent cap& air filter, Drip chamber, Solution filter, Flow regulator: roller clamp, pinch clamp, slide clamp, and microflow regulator, Injection site: rubber tube or rubber bulb, Y injection site, Y needless connector, and drip chamber with the injection port, Luer connector: Luer lock connector and luer slip connector

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iv set size

IV Set Size

IV sets come in different sizes and configurations to meet each patient’s specific needs and treatment. The IV set size includes tubing length, needle size, macro

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