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scalpvein set

Scalp Vein Set

Also know as butterfly needle/winged infusion set

Material: PVC, PE, ABS; Packing: PE bag, paper pouch

Detailed Information


  • Hypodermic needle
  • Two flexible bilateral wings used mostly, but single wing is widely used in the Asian countries.
  • Flexible small-bore transparent tubing (20-35 cm long)
  • Luer lock/slip connector
  • Plastic cap


Generally, scalpvein sets are available in 18-27 gauge bore, 21G and 23G beging most popular. 



  • Repeated short-term injection or injection of the small volume of drugs or blood derivatives
  • Difficult or small-diameter vein, such as in infants and children, and normal vein of adults
Kmed medical factory

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