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Details about Y Injection Site KY-YIS-001


The Y site injection serves as a valuable part of the iv set. It plays a crucial role by offering a secondary access point in the IV tubing, facilitating the intermittent infusion of supplementary intravenous fluids, including medications and other therapeutic agents.

This feature allows healthcare providers the flexibility to administer medications and fluids without disrupting the primary IV line. By simply accessing the Y injection site, they can introduce these substances smoothly and precisely, ensuring that the patient receives the necessary treatments while maintaining the integrity and continuity of the primary IV therapy.


Y site IV picture

The Y injection port is constructed with meticulous attention to detail, featuring an outer shell crafted from transparent ABS material and an interior pad made from either isoprene or natural rubber. Isoprene serves as a latex-free alternative, ensuring the Y injection port is safe for individuals with latex allergies.

The selection of ABS for the transparent shell is deliberate and purposeful. ABS is known for its inherent rigidity, making it an excellent choice for components that require durability and resistance to chemical exposure, heat, and physical handling. These attributes are precisely why ABS is the preferred material for the Y injection port.

This transparent ABS shell not only provides structural integrity but also allows healthcare professionals to monitor the contents and flow within the port, enhancing the precision and safety of intravenous procedures.

Complementing the ABS shell with isoprene or natural rubber as the interior pad ensures that the Y injection port is versatile and accommodates a broader range of patients, irrespective of latex allergies. This careful design consideration is a testament to our commitment to patient safety and the seamless delivery of medical treatments.

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