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A scalp vein set, also known as a butterfly needle, scalp vein catheter or scalp vein infusion set, is a medical device used to access and deliver intravenous (IV) fluids, and medications, or draw blood from the veins in the scalp, particularly in pediatric or neonatal patients.

Scalp vein set parts: It typically consists of a protective cap, a short needle, a wing hub, and a thin tube that allows for the infusion of fluids or withdrawal of blood. Scalp vein sets are designed for temporary use and are commonly used in situations where it’s challenging to access larger veins in other parts of the body, such as in infants or small children.

Scalp vein set diagram

scalp vein set


The scalp vein set comes in various sizes, each distinguished by a hub color code. These standard hub colors include:

Grey (27g)
Brown (26g)
Orange (25g)
Violet (24g)
Blue (23g)
Black (22g)
Green (21g)
Yellow (20g)
Beige (19g)

This color-coded system simplifies the selection process for healthcare professionals, enabling them to easily match the appropriate gauge or size of the scalp vein set to a patient’s specific requirements or medical procedure.


Scalp vein sets offer flexibility in their packaging options, as they can be provided in either a small PE (Polyethylene) bag or a paper pouch. This variety in packaging allows healthcare facilities to choose the packaging option that best suits their storage, handling, and dispensing requirements, ensuring the convenience and efficiency of supply management.

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