Rubber Bulb


Isoprene, natural rubber


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Details about Rubber Bulb

Our flexible rubber tube/bulb connector is essential to the infusion sets. These are highly flexible and connect with a hypodermic needle with a Luer connector.

As part of the IV set, injection rubber tube/bulb sites are exclusively made of top-quality material like natural rubber or isoprene rubber and offer long durability. We have the 40mm and 50mm length rubber tubes. For the rubber bulb, we have a length of 45mm. The rubber bulb, also called a flashbulb, is more widely used now.

The injection rubber bulb is available in an inclusive variety of models. Some kinds are suitable for machine installation, some not because of their shape. They possess outstanding characteristics that make them commendable in their prices. The Luer connector offers the ability of one side male or female Luer lock connector. These are very important while injecting a drip or any fluid required by the patient.

The picture is an IV set with a latex rubber bulb.

rubber bulb

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Unsterilized pinch clamps are packed in a big PE bag, which is packed in a carton.  The outer carton has a label with the product name and model.

pinch clamp

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