Infusion Set KY-SD-002

Item No.



PVC, ABS, PE, Natural rubber


In paper pouch, in PE bag

Details about Infusion Set KY-SD-002

Parts of IV set

  • ABS spike with protector
  • Air vent: for particles having a diameter of 0.5 μm or more extensive, its filtration rate is equal to or greater than 95%. More
  • Macro 20 drops/ml: this means 20 drops per milliliter. More
  • Drip Chamber with latex injection site: PVC (The term DEHP stands for di(2-ethylhexyl)phthalate, which is a softener used in PVC or polyvinyl chloride and helps in softening by increasing the flexibility of PVC. ) More
  • Luer slip with solution filter: the filtration rate of latex particles by the filter should not be less than 90%.
  • Roller clamp: PE
  • Straight injection site: latex
  • Luer slip connector: ABS
  • Hypodermic needle: 21G (0.8*38mm)
  • Tube: PVC, 150cm

Transportation Method: by sea, truck, or train

IV sets loaded in a 40HQ container

IV sets loaded in a 40HQ container

IV sets loaded in a truck

IV sets loaded in a truck

Packing Information

Types Of IV Set And Syringe

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