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Details about Male Luer Lock Injection Site

Heparin cap, auxiliary medical instrument, is mainly used as injection way and injection port, widely accepted and approved by medical institutions. Heparin cap is very normal in morden medical line, it plays a very important role when used together with I.V. cannula and central venous catheter. Heparin cap has various advantages such as: safe, sanitation, durable puncture, good sealing, small volume, convenient use, low price, the foremost advantage is to release patients’ pain/ injury while injection and infusion.

  •  Used together with the arterial and venous cannula.
  •  The infusion of Heparin-Sodium can prevent the reflux of blood coagulation.
  • Made from medical grade PVC, International luer connector, excellent on bio-compatibility.
  • It was a tight-fitting adapter, has a good feature of seal, which leads to no leakage.
  • Very smooth and easy to puncture, without any edges and corners.

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