Y Injection Site With Finger Protection KY-YIS-005



Details about Y Injection Site With Finger Protection KY-YIS-005


Y site is the location of ports where you can use a syringe for IV push medication.

The Y site injection can provide a secondary point of access in the patient’s intravenous tubing, allowing the intermittent infusion of additional intravenous fluids such as medications. More

Y injection site


The Y site injection is made from ABS and a pad of isoprene or natural rubber. Isoprene is its latex-free equivalent, which is suitable for those with latex allergies. ABS is rigid and has resistance to chemicals, heat, and physical manipulation. This is why it is used for the Y injection port. The finger protection part prevents the medical staff from hurting by the needle.

Products with Y site IV pictures

The following pictures show our IV sets with the Y injection site.


How to y-site IV medications?

Through the Y port, medical workers can add medicines or deliver multiple doses of fluids without injecting the patient for each occurrence. So, Y port IV tubing is very useful for infusion. Check out one of our Y site IV tubings in South America.

Y-site vs piggyback
With a Y site, both drugs are infusing at the same time. With a piggyback, the primary drip stops while the secondary drug infuses, then resumes again when the secondary is finished, so even though there may be some mixing at the beginning and end of the secondary, they infuse mostly separately.


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