Female Luer Connector& Luer Slip Connector




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Details about Female Luer Connector& Luer Slip Connector

About Female Luer Connector

  • Fluidic setups female luer syringe connector
  • The connector with two female luer fittings can perfectly connect with syringes.
  • Easy and safe transfer of liquid

About Luer Slip Connector

  • It is one part of the IV set.
  • The Luer slip connector’s ability to hang on to its counterpart depends on its 6 percent taper fitting, but this does not ensure a firm and stable connection compared with the Luer lock connector.


  • Female Luer Connector& Luer Slip Connector are made of ABS which is Rigid, durable, resists chemicals and impacts, good dimensional stability, and insulating properties.


Unsterilized Luer connectors are packed in a big PE bag packed in a carton.  The outer carton has a label with the product name and model.

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