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All information about medical products such as syrings, IV sets, scalp vein sets, blood transfusion sets, medical parts, etc.

Cost of IV set assembly and production

Cost of IV set assembly and production

This article provides rough figures for cost of IV set assembly and production lines that align with the trend. If the business proponent prefers a one-time investment, USD 700,000 will be the starting capital to acquire the machines and molds needed in the proposed business.

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Can IV tubing prevent backflow and contamination of the injection devices?

Can IV tubing prevent backflow and contamination of the injection devices?

IV tubing designed and manufactured by medical device companies has never been equipped with a structure or part intended to prevent blood backflow into the tube. One promising endeavor is the IV tube provided with a valve-controlled locking system. In this proposal, at a certain level of remaining fluid in the IV bottle, the valve automatically locks, preventing backflow.

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IV line

IV Line

An IV line is the route by which nurses, medical doctors, and other medical workers and caregivers administer different medications or fluids directly into a patient’s bloodstream.

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Tube Size

There are three basic dimensions of tubes: the outside diameter (OD), the inside diameter (ID), and the wall thickness (WT). These dimensions collectively constitute the tube size.

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medical syringes in a package. medical syringes in packaging as an abstract medical background.

Most Common Sterilization Methods For Medical Devices

The most common sterilization methods for medical devices include ethylene oxide sterilization, gamma sterilization, electron beam sterilization (E-Beam), X-ray sterilization, wet heat (Steam) sterilization, wet heat sterilization, dry heat sterilization, hydrogen peroxide sterilization, ozone sterilization, and chlorine dioxide (ClO2 or CD) sterilization

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eo sterilization

What is Ethylene Oxide Sterilization Used For?

EO gas, or ethylene oxide gas, is a highly effective sterilant commonly used in the medical industry. It is particularly valuable for sterilizing heat- and moisture-sensitive medical devices that cannot withstand traditional moist heat sterilization methods.

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assembly process of iv infusion set

IV Set Production Line

A whole assembly process of an IV infusion set by machine, including the assembly of the fluid filter, the assembly of the drip chamber with spike, the assembly of the roller clamp, the assembly of the injection port, and the assembly of the IV tubing.

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iv set diagram

IV Set Diagram

Here is the list of the IV set parts name: Protective cap, Plastic spike, Air vent cap& air filter, Drip chamber, Solution filter, Flow regulator: roller clamp, pinch clamp, slide clamp, and microflow regulator, Injection site: rubber tube or rubber bulb, Y injection site, Y needless connector, and drip chamber with the injection port, Luer connector: Luer lock connector and luer slip connector

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iv set size

IV Set Size

IV sets come in different sizes and configurations to meet each patient’s specific needs and treatment. The IV set size

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infusion set with auto air stop and priming filter

Infusion Set with Auto Air Stop and Priming Cap

The manufacturing and healthcare market introduction of the IV infusion set with auto air stop and priming filter address the prevention of air embolism caused by any form of intravenous infusion therapy. The device, for one, reduces the workload of healthcare workers. It may appear lowly and without a critical role, but it can save lives.  

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medical plastics

What Are Medical-Grade Plastics?

Medical-grade plastics refer to materials designed and intended for making medical products. Manufacturers use it for in vitro diagnostics, primary packaging for pharmaceuticals, and medical devices. Among other things, these plastic materials preserve and contain medicines, avoiding possible contaminations.

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iv giving set

Types Of IV Sets

The PVC admixed within the materials used for infusion sets provides high strength, flexibility, transparency, easy sealing, good resistance to sterilization procedures, and comparatively low cost.

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example of medical consumables

Management Of Medical Consumables

Medical consumables are single-use medical devices or disposable medical materials. They include syringes, needles, IV sets, sutures, staples, packaging, tubing, catheters, medical gloves, gowns, masks, head cover, shoe cover, adhesives, and sealants for wound dressing and other devices and tools used in hospital or surgical environment.

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infusion pump set

IV Gravity Tubing V.S Pump-Driven Infusion Set

Some infusion pumps use a particular infusion set without specifications. However, some infusion pumps require specifications for the infusion set, or the infusion set must come with the infusion pump. In some infusion pumps, you cannot use infusion sets that are not specified.

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latex allergy

Latex Allergy

Latex in some instances serves as an allergen, causing allergy to individuals working in healthcare and hospital settings and exposed to products containing latex.

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insulin syringe

What Is The Insulin Syringe?

It has the same essential parts as the others, but it is designed with a slimmer barrel and smaller needle. Its task is to deliver insulin into the patient or recipient’s subcutaneous (immediately below the skin) tissue.

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infusion therapy

Infusion Therapy

When a specific medication or fluid is administered to the patient through the needle or catheter attached to an infusion set, it is called infusion therapy.

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infusion sets with Y injection site

Y Port IV Tubing

Infusion set D serves as a passageway of fluid being delivered to the patient. It is mainly made up of flexible PVC tubing. Some IV parts are attached to the tube, each performing a distinct but very much needed function.

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infusion sets

What is A Single-winged Drip Set?

The disposable infusion set is practically a tube system that connects the container of fluid, medications, or blood products with the needle inserted into the patient’s vein. However, it is not as simple a tube as it appears because attached parts perform a particular function along the way.

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IV roller clamp open vs closed

What Is An IV Roller Clamp?

The intravenous (IV) roller clamp is a medical device that serves as an integral part of the basic intravenous setup. It is placed and attached to the plastic tubing, which connects the drip chamber with the needle. A

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Intravenous (IV) drip chamber

IV drip chamber

Intravenous (IV) drip chamber refers to the elongated, sac-like, and transparent device attached and connected to the distal end of the intravenous line.

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Needleless Injection Sites

What Is A Needleless Connector?

Needleless connectors (NCs) are devices connected at the end of vascular catheters. Once connected to the vascular catheter, two critical clinical activities could be done: (1) infusion can be done through it, or (2) aspiration can be performed.

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cap with filter

Priming Filter Cap

Cap with filter is a device whose primary function is to cover the end of an intravenous (IV) line, which is not attached to a catheter or a needle.

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rubber tube with luer lock connector

Types of IV Set Injection Ports

Nowadays, injections are the most essential and standard health care equipment in the medical field. It introduces any vaccine, drug, or therapeutic medicine into the body utilizing a syringe with/without the needle.

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syringe sizes

Syringe Sizes

Syringes come in various types depending on the purpose that they are being used for. Their different types are defined according to their capacity, syringe tips, needle sizes, and needle gauges.

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hypodermic needle

Hypodermic Needles Types

Hypodermic needles are medical tools that go under the skin or enter the skin. They are commonly known as Sharps. Hypodermic needles are quite skinny. Moreover, their shapes are hollow tube-like and have sharp tips.

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