Packing Information

Packing information about medical products, including symbols on packing, types of packing, the function of packing,etc.

packged iv sets in a carton

Sterile Barrier System v.s Protective Packaging

The sterile barrier system refers to the primary packaging that is specifically designed to maintain sterility, protect the product from contamination, and allow for aseptic presentation. The protective packaging serves as an additional layer of defense for the sterile barrier system. 

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Labeling Symbols In Medical Devices Packing

Labeling Symbols in Medical Devices Packing

The European Commission (EC), on the other hand, requires the use of “The Medical Devices Regulation” (MDR) issued in November 2021. This present guidance titled “Use of Symbols to Indicate Compliance with the MDR November 2021” has been updated to align with the new ISO 15223-1:2021.

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syringes in package

Primary Packaging Of Syringe& IV Sets

Primary packaging has several important functions but the most important is to uphold the highest medical standards, maintain integrity of the product and prevent entry of micro-organisms which enables the product to maintain sterility at the place of use.

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