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Macro IV set & Micro IV set

Macro IV set& Micro IV set

The macro drip set, with a macrodrip factor of 10 to 20 gtt/mL, is for rapid infusion of large volumes.

Microdrip IV tubing is used to administer potent medications with extreme precision, especially for patients like newborns and children who are very sensitive to medication doses. The tubing typically allows for around 60 drops per milliliter (gtt/mL).

As a manufacturer, we have 30 years of professional production experience in China. Know more about us. The way to distinguish these two IV sets is by observing the drip device inside the drip chamber. From the pictures, you’ll see the differences.

Microdrip vs macrodrip

Macrodrip set

A macro drip IV set is an infusion set that delivers 20 drops per ml of the infused fluid. Click to learn more about products.


Macro IV set

The parts of the macro IV sets can be replaced with others. For example,

Current partsReplace by
Small drip chamberBig drip chamber (62mm) or winged drip chamber (54mm)
Air ventTo be removed. This kind of IV set is called a non-vented IV set.
Solution filterTo be removed. This kind of IV set is popular in Brazil
PE roller clampThe Luer lock connector makes a more stable connection with the hypodermic needle.
Latex rubber bulbLatex-free rubber bulb, which is for people who are allergic to natural rubber.
Luer slip connectorLuer lock connector, which makes a more stable connection with the hypodermic needle.
PVC DEHP-FREE PVC, which is used to make the tubing, which is used to infuse some particular drugs.
Length: 150cmBe customized to 180cm or longer

The macro IV sets are most commonly used in hospitals and clinics. Medical staff uses the macro IV sets to infuse significant volumes of fluid, such as saline solution, which is meant to be quickly infused. Except for the IV set in the pictures, we have other kinds of macro IV sets. If you want to know more about disposable products used in hospitals, please click here to learn more.

Here are some pictures of our macro IV sets

Macro iv sets
Macro iv sets

Microdrip set

A micro drip IV set is an infusion set that delivers 60 drops per ml of the infused fluid. Click to learn more about products.


  • ABS spike with PE protective cap
  • Air vent
  • Micro drip
  • PVC drip chamber
  • Solution filter
  • PE roller clamp
  • Y injection site: Latex-free
  • ABS side clamp
  • ABS Luer slip connector with PE cap
Micro IV set

Like the macro IV set, the parts of micro IV sets can be replaced with others. Please refer to the content in the macro IV set.


The IV set will be packed firstly in a small PE or paper pouch. Second, it will be packed in a PE bag. Usually, 25 pieces of IV sets are in a big PE bag. Finally, all IV sets can be packed in 500 pieces/carton. More information about packing

We mainly use primary packing, which is a small PE bag or paper pouch.

iv set in a small PE bag
Small PE bag
iv set in a paper pouch
Paper pouch

The secondary packing is a big PE bag or a carton. For our clients from Central Asian countries, we pack 45 pieces in a big PE bag. For most countries, we pack 25 pcs in a big PE bag.

IV set in a big PE bag(25pcs/bag)
Big PE bag

The outer carton is the final packing, holding 500 or 720 pcs. The carton size can be customized according to the client’s requirements. However, we would suggest not using too big a size. Prior to being introduced to the market, all completed infusion sets undergo a meticulous sterilization process using ethylene oxide (EO). Ethylene oxide sterilization is a widely employed method in the medical industry due to its effectiveness in eliminating microorganisms, including bacteria, viruses, and spores, without compromising the integrity of sensitive medical equipment.

IV sets in a carton
Outer carton

Transportation Method: by sea, truck, or train

The transportation method will differ according to clients’ places. The vessel is mainly used for transport. A 40 HC container can hold 430,000 pcs of IV sets. For some Central Asian clients, we use a truck or train to deliver products. The loading quantity is 513360 pcs of a 40HC. Know more about KANGYI MEDICAL

IV sets loaded in a 40HQ container
IV sets in a 40HC container

About Us

Established in 1994, Liaoning KANGYI Medical Equipment Co., Ltd. (Kmed) stands as a prominent manufacturer of disposable IV tubings and syringes in Liaoning. With a dedicated workforce exceeding 300 employees, the company diligently upholds its commitment to prioritizing high-quality products.

In demonstrating its unwavering dedication to quality, KANGYI Medical has obtained certifications from esteemed entities such as the Chinese National Medical Products Administration, ISO 13485, and the European Union’s CE mark. These certifications serve as tangible proof of the company’s adherence to stringent quality assurance standards and its ongoing pursuit of excellence. Know more

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