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List Of Disposable Medical Products Used In Hospitals

Disposable Medical Products Used In Hospitals

What Are Disposable Medical Products?

Disposable medical products are any devices or equipment that are used temporarily for medical purposes and are disposed of after use. If you work at a medical workplace, such as a hospital, you may know that many disposal items are in use and disposed of every day. Some examples of these disposable items include hypodermic needles, disposable syringes, disposable infusion sets, etc.

The main reason why disposable medical products are produced is precautionary measures. Once they are utilized, it is essential for the specialist not to use them again. Otherwise, they will be transferred to the under-operation body of the patient. Some people may think that disposable medical products are associated with the financial expenses of a medical workplace. It is quite the opposite; they act as a bridge between hospital finances and their performance metrics and shelf lif

List Of Disposable Medical Products Used In Hospitals

Hypodermic Needles & Disposable Syringes

Hypodermic needles, along with disposable syringes, allow the specialists to inject particles within the body or extract particles from the body via sharps. Many specialists have used these needles to extract liquid samples, e.g., blood. It is a hollow tube that allows the molecules to be easily extracted without any interference. Therefore, it is one of the essential disposable medical products.

Disposable syringes, just like hypodermic needles, are utilized to inject or extract substances from a body. The only difference between these two is that disposable syringe is a device to support the hypodermic needles to inject or extract the substances. Both cannot work without each other. Therefore, both are necessary for carrying out both these processes. 

luer lock syringe with needle
Disposable syringe

Disposable Infusion Sets & Blood Transfusion Sets

Intravenous infusion is the fastest way to deliver medication and to replace fluids throughout the body. IV administration sets are made to optimize the delivery of infusion, reduce the risk of infection for the patient, and to keep access sites protected and uncontaminated. However, every patient must have a specified infusion set to minimize health risks.

infusion set
Infusion set

Blood transfusion sets are made up of a drip chamber with blood filter, roller regulator, IV tube, injection site, and a hypodermic needle. These sets are essential in providing quantity-based and accurate blood samples to an operating body when it undergoes surgery or any other medication. Its structure and configuration ensure the coagulation of blood.  

Disposable Intravenous (IV) Cannula

Intravenous (IV) Cannula is a disposable item to inject certain products into our bloodstream. It is a small, flexible tube that is placed within a patient’s veins. The placement of the tube is usually on the back of his arm. Then, the cannula determines whether the body needs certain medicines or fluids to be injected into our bloodstream. This cannula can also be used for blood tests and investigations. The medical professionals try to manage and approve every healthcare instrument, including intravenous (IV) cannula, for treatment and medications.

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Disposable Lancet

Disposable Lancet is associated with the blood samples of a human body. It is a medical tool required for capillary blood sampling. Disposable Lancet is also called blood lancet. Lancet is also essential in dealing with allergies during skin testing. The lancet is integrated with a blood-examining device to ensure the configuration of capillary blood sampling. After the procedure gets completed, the medical professionals must not use that specific lancet again for another operating body.

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Disposable Suction Catheters

Suction Catheters are essential for treating respiratory disorders. It is inserted in the upper airway of the body, and it removes the waste from there, trachea, and bronchitis. As it has saliva of an operating body, it must not be associated with any other patient. Therefore, you need a lot of suction catheters per day.

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Disposable Bandages &Cotton

Bandages are used not just in hospitals but also by people in their homes as a precaution of first aid box. It is usually used to bind the wounded part of the body to ensure that no blood comes out from the injured part of the skin. There are cloth dressings that cover the injured area of the body. The bandages are the highest used disposable items in medical workplaces such as hospitals. Therefore, it has the highest quantity of these items.

Cotton is of great medical use. Known for its absorption, cotton is used for the cleanliness of skin or for applying fluids upon the wounds. Other applications may include bandages, cotton roll, and gauze. It is considered one of the safest fibers in the world and can be used to protect the health of the patients.

bandage to help heal chronic wounds

Surgical Medical Gloves

Surgical Medical Gloves are disposable gloves required for medical interpretations and examinations. They are essential in eliminating cross-examination between caregivers and respective patients. Externally, the unpowdered gloves are required for surgery purposes and other necessities for medications. The objective of surgical medical gloves is to ensure that there is no transmission of diseases between the operating body and the specialist. It is important to know the quantity of these gloves. Every practical work must require different medical gloves. The particles from one operating body can go to another operating body. Therefore, a medical specialist must have surgical medical gloves for every laboratory work.

Disposable Shoe Cover

Shoe Cover is also called gumshoes. They are worn by medical professionals to ensure that dust or dirt particles cannot stick to the surface of the laboratory. They are made up of polyethylene. Therefore, it ensures that there are no issues regarding the environment, guaranteeing cleanliness within the laboratory. Therefore, they are fundamental in healthcare and must be utilized very carefully.

Disposable Laboratory Coats

The laboratory coats are mostly considered uniforms for hospital specialists. The doctors must wear their coats during laboratory work. Not only is it important because they should protect their original clothes from attaining any harmful substance via the patient, but it also goes against their integrity as a professional. Every doctor has its coat, and they must wash it every day before coming to the hospital for their new work to minimize any medical risks for them. 

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Disposable Face Masks

Even though face masks are necessary in the pandemic today, not just in the medical workplaces but everywhere you go due to the COVID-19 pandemic, professionals consider face masks mandatory as part of their practical work. The face masks are required to ensure that your face does not catch any hazardous particles from the operated body. As many experiments occur within the medical workplaces, the specialists throw away their face masks after each practical. Therefore, it is estimated that they use at least three face masks daily during working hours. Due to the current pandemic, the demand for face masks has only increased as far as they are concerned. The face masks are also essential, preventing the specialist from coughing or sneezing upon the operated body, which can be problematic.

Company Introduction

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