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Types Of IV Sets

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Intravenous Infusion is the fastest way to deliver medication and to replace fluids throughout the body. IV administration sets are made to optimize delivery of infusion, reduce the risk of infection for the patient, and to keep access sites protected and uncontaminated.

Filtered IV Set: Filtered IV sets comes with a solution filter inside the drip chamber, which is used to filter out the particles in the liquid and protect the patient from the infection caused by the particles. The filtration rate of latex particles by the filter should not be less than 90%.

Filtered IV Set

Vented IV Set: They come with a blue air vent that can be opened or closed to allow for air to enter and displace the fluid. They are best suited for hard plastic and glass containers because fluid will not flow from the rigid containers unless the air is vented. Preventing micro-organisms from entering the drip chamber is an essential function of the air vent filter. 

Vented IV set

Non-vented IV Set: They don’t have any air vents in the tubing. They are best suited for flexible plastic pouches or containers. These sets allow for a vacuum to be created in the plastic IV bag, which helps in collapsing the bag as it gets emptied.

Non-vented IV set

Gravity tubing: This tubing is gravity dependent and also depend on flow rate regulators to infuse medicines. Gravity infusion rates can be set in drops per minute which is equated to milliliter per hour.

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