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IV Set Diagram

iv set diagram

From the IV set diagram above, we can see how the IV set is composed, and the name and appearance of each part.

IV set parts name in the IV set diagram

The IV parts’ names in the IV set diagram:

Protective cap
Plastic spike
Air vent cap& air filter
Drip chamber (Macro drip or micro drip)
Solution filter
Flow regulator: roller clamp, pinch clamp, slide clamp, and microflow regulator
Injection site: rubber tube or rubber bulb, Y injection site, Y needle free connector, and drip chamber with the injection port
Luer connector: Luer lock connector and Luer slip connector

IV set parts uses

Protective cap


Its primary purpose is to keep the spikes clean and safeguard them from dirt or contaminants. Acting as a shield, it ensures that the IV set remains sterile and ready for use when needed. The protective cap must have a solid construction, preventing accidental breakage or damage during handling. A solid cap makes it easier for healthcare professionals to remove it effortlessly when preparing the IV set, ensuring a smooth and efficient workflow.


It is made of PP or PE, which resists attack by micro-organisms, has high uniformity, resistance to chemicals and abrasion, good mechanical strength, and biostability.

Plastic spike


The spike is designed to effortlessly pierce the bottle stopper of the infusion bag or bottle, ensuring a secure connection. The spike’s sharpness and precision enable it to penetrate the stopper without causing any unnecessary debris or particles. This ensures the IV solution remains pure and free from potential contaminants.


It is made of ABS, which is rigid and rigidity, durable, resists chemicals and impacts, has good dimensional stability, and has insulating properties. For example, the rigid nature ensures that the component maintains its shape and structure, providing the necessary stability during usage. Impressive resistance against chemicals and impacts allows the component to withstand exposure to various substances and accidental impacts without compromising its integrity. The ability to resist chemicals not only ensures the longevity of the component but also contributes to the overall safety and reliability of the system.

Air vent cap


The blue air vent cap of the IV set serves a dynamic purpose, allowing for flexibility in usage. It can be easily opened or closed based on specific requirements. In particular, the air vent cap plays a significant role when working with rigid IV fluid containers, such as hard bottles or non-collapsible plastic bags.

When the air vent cap is opened, it enables air entry into the container holding the IV fluid. As the air permeates the surface of the fluid, it exerts a downward pressure, facilitating a faster flow of the solution. In this way, the air vent cap actively expedites the infusion process.


It is blue and made of PVC, which is flexible and has reliable strength and durability, chemical resistance, and stability.

Air filter


The filter inside the air vent helps prevent microorganisms from entering the infusion bag, and the infusion line. The outside air passes through the air vent filter and goes straight into the IV fluid container. Without this filter, all particulates that go with the outside air will also enter the IV fluid container and IV line, posing some danger to the patient’s safety.

With the use of our existing and current product, for particles having a diameter of 0.5 μm or more extensive, its filtration rate is equal to or greater than 95%. Aside from particulates, airborne bacteria and other pathogens, and other debris are eliminated by this filter.


It is white and made of PP, which is high chemical resistance, and resists stress, cracking, impact, and fatigue.

Drip chamber


The soft and transparent chamber is located below the base of the spike. The purpose of the drip chamber is two-fold: to collect the incoming fluid and to act as a vital indicator of its flow rate. The flow rate of the fluid is carefully measured and monitored, providing valuable insights into the speed and consistency of its movement. It serves as a dependable guide, allowing healthcare professionals and system operators to detect any irregularities in the fluid flow promptly.

There are several sizes of drip chambers, and the most normal used drip chamber sizes are 48mm, 50mm, 54mm, and 62mm. The picture below is drip chamber size 48mm.

drip chamber with spike 48mm and 50mm
Drip chamber (48mm) with spike


It is made of PVC, which can be normal PVC or DEHP-Free PVC. PVC infusion sets offer a combination of desirable qualities that make them highly sought after. They exhibit remarkable strength, allowing them to withstand the pressures and demands of medical procedures. Their flexibility enables easy handling and maneuverability, ensuring convenience for healthcare professionals. Transparency is another advantage, granting visibility into the fluid flow and facilitating monitoring.

Sealing with PVC infusion sets is a breeze, thanks to their inherent characteristics. They can form a secure seal, preventing any leaks or contamination during the infusion process. Moreover, these sets demonstrate excellent resistance to sterilization procedures, ensuring that they remain safe and reliable for use.

However, it is important to note that PVC infusion sets that contain DEHP may present a challenge. By itself, exposure to PVC causes several adverse health effects, and the addition of plasticizers makes them worse. These adverse health effects include the following:

  1. Hormonal imbalances
  2. Disruption in reproductive and developmental processes
  3. Several forms of allergies are common in children.
  4. Brain cancer
  5. Scleroderma (hardening of connective tissues)
  6. Malignant tumors.

Solution filter


The solution filter or fluid filter removes unnecessary particles and debris in the IV fluid before entering the tubing and the patient’s bloodstream.  A 15-micron filter is usually used for the normal gravity IV set. The filtration rate of 15μm±1μm latex particles is ≥90%. The IV set with a fluid filter is called a filter IV set.


It is made of ABS shell and PP filter.

Flow regulator


The flow regulator includes the roller clamp, side clamp, pinch clamp, microflow regulator etc., with the function to initiate, terminate, or control fluid flow through the line without any fluid contact.

safety roller clamp ky rc 002
Roller clamp


They are made of ABS, PE, or POM.

Injection site


It is used when additional drugs are required to be added to the infusion line. The main types of injection sites include rubber tubes or rubber bulbs, Y injection sites, Y needless connectors, and drip chambers with the injection port.


They are made of natural rubber, isoprene, or silicone. To whom is allergic to latex, isoprene and silicone will be suggested.

Luer connector


Luer connector is a device that connects a needle to plastic tubing. It has two types of Luer lock connectors and a luer slip connector. The Luer lock connector has a more stable attachment than the Luer slip connector by having the tabbed hub on the female fitting screwed on the sleeve threads of the male fitting.

luer lock connector
Luer lock connector


It is made of ABS.



Hypodermic needle serves the purpose of penetrating or entering the skin, allowing for various medical procedures to be carried out.

First and foremost, the needle should be straight, providing a reliable and accurate path during procedures. Its straightness ensures precise insertion and minimizes the risk of complications. Additionally, the needle must possess sharpness, allowing for smooth and swift skin penetration. This sharpness ensures minimal discomfort and reduces the time required for medical interventions.

To guarantee the utmost safety for patients, the needle should be free of any visible defects. It must be avoided of burrs, nicks, or irregularities that could cause discomfort or harm. By eliminating these imperfections, the risk of injury is significantly reduced, ensuring a positive experience for the patient.

disposable hypodermic needle
Disposable hypodermic needle


The hub is made of PP. The cannula is made of stainless steel.



The tubing is the central part of the infusion set. Aside from serving as the principal route of the infused fluid, it is the attachment point of all the other IV set parts. Ensuring its quality is crucial for the safe and efficient administration of treatments. Click here to discover the top culprits that lead to tubing breakage.


It has a normal length of 150 cm or a customized length and is made of flexible PVC. Thus, it can be compressed when needed, as in removing some air bubbles along the tube. DEHP-Free IV set is recommended because DEHP inflicts adverse health effects on patients who receive the infusion.


The following table displays a summary of the IV set parts’ names, uses, and materials. By corresponding with the IV set diagram above, we can better understand the characteristics of the infusion set.

IV set parts nameIV set parts uses Material
Protective cap Keep the spike cleanPE or PP
Plastic spike Pierce the bottle stopperABS
Air vent cap When opened, it enables the entry of air into the container holding the IV fluid.PVC
Air filterInitiate, terminate, or control the flow of fluidPP
Drip chamber To collect the incoming fluid and to act as a vital indicator of its flow rate.PVC
Solution filter Removes unnecessary particles and debris in the IV fluidABS, PP
Flow regulatorWhen opened, it enables air entry into the container holding the IV fluid.ABS or PE
Injection site/ Y injection siteIt is used when additional drugs are required to be added to the infusion line.Natural rubber or isoprene, ABS
Luer connector  It connects a needle to plastic tubingABS
Needle hub  PP
CannulaPenetrating or entering the skinStainless steel
TubingServing as the principal route of the fluid being infused, it serves as the attachment point of all the other IV parts. PVC

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