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Hospitalar Fair 2024 in Brazil

Liaoning KANGYI Medical Equipment Co., Ltd.'s participation in HOSPITALAR

The Hospitalar Fair 2024 was held at Sao Paulo Expo, Sao Paulo, Brazil, from 21-24 May 2024. It is a widely acclaimed and highly honored international trade fair for hospital supplies and equipment, promoting business opportunities and encouraging technological development. It is a premier platform to showcase technological innovations, processes, and ideas, attracting global markets.

With more than 1,000 exhibiting brands and 75,000 visitors, Hospitalar is Brazil’s most important occasion for the medtech industry. The trade show returned to its physical event after a 2-year break due to the occurrence of the COVID-19 pandemic. This event allowed business people worldwide to reengage with the prosperous and vibrant Brazilian market or take the first steps to participate in it.

The Liaoning KANGYI Medical Equipment Co., Ltd.’s participation

Our company, Liaoning KANGYI Medical Equipment Co., Ltd., wishes to be in the midstream of this healthcare and well-being industry. Thus, we actively participated in the Hospitalar Fair 2024 in Sao Paulo, Brazil. First and foremost, we exhibited our different products for all the visitors and prospective customers to see and examine. We answered all their queries and questions. In addition, we met with our future partners in the business, punctuated by dining outs and exchange of pleasantries. We discussed how to establish strategic business alliances wherein both parties benefit significantly. Thus, initial discussions on collaborations were made in the Fair to be followed up in the later months or years by more detailed presentations by the business officers concerned and assigned with the joint projects.

The booth of Liaoning KANGYI Medical Equipment Co., Ltd., where our products were exhibited.
The booth of Liaoning KANGYI Medical Equipment Co., Ltd., where our products were exhibited.

Exhibiting our products

Customers need to see the products that we have been selling and marketing. Thus, we displayed some of our products in our booth. Specifically, we displayed one infusion set which has been taking 80% of the market share in Brazil.  

  • The plastic spike is made up of acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS). The ABS provides favourable mechanical properties to the structure, such as more impact resistance, toughness, and rigidity compared to other commonly used polymers. This structure needs to be rigid and tough because it has to prick the rubberized plug of the IV container.
  • The drip chamber with a length of 48 mm, and it is made up of polyvinyl chloride (PVC).
  • The solution filter at the bottom of the drip chamber removes particulates, debris, or pathogenic microorganisms that have admixed with the IV fluid, ensuring that they do not enter the circulatory system of the patient.
  • The roller clamp moves along the plastic tubing to ensure that the prescribed flow rate of the IV fluid is followed.
  • The Y injection is here where drugs and other medications may be administered while infusion is going on. It is made up of ABS.
  • The luer slip connector is almost at the end of the tubing.
  • The tubing has a length of 150 cm, and it is made of flexible PVC. As such, it can be compressed when needed, as in trying to remove some air bubbles along the tube.
Popular infusion set in Brazil
Popular infusion set in Brazil

Conducting satellite symposia

A symposium generally unfreezes customers’ expectations and questions. Thus, our company will conduct and launch a satellite symposium at the Fair to give our existing and prospective customers the necessary information on product development. Again, we can answer our customers’ questions in this venue and get their contact details. Undoubtedly, sales and marketing activities presented to the customers in a well-advanced fashion and way before the product launch will be very effective.

Establishing strategic alliances with potential partners

Our company will continue to nurture strategic alliances with potential business partners. It would be more cost-effective if our company could have partners in the world’s continents, such as Africa, Europe, the Americas, and Asia. Without a doubt, there are other companies which need our line of products. We could invite them to carry and include our products in their sales and marketing efforts. In return, we could also inquire about some of their products whose uses supplement ours. The potential and feasibility of a good product mix strategy need to be explored when we meet with our potential business partners.

As some sales and marketing experts suggest, “Be Everywhere With Your Product.” This can be achieved by having business partners in different parts of the globe. All these activities can be fully implemented in future Fairs, such as the Hospitalar Fair in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

Creating an online presence

One way to expose the company’s nature and its array of products is to create a very active and vibrant online presence. Aside from a website, online venues for discussing the products must be established. This could be in the form of blogs where prospective customers could not only learn the features and benefits of a product but where they could ask questions. The company’s ongoing activities regarding this matter must be highlighted in future Fairs.

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