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Infusion Set

Lightproof vs. Regular
Micro vs. Macro
Latex vs. Latex-free injection site
DEHP vs. DEHP-free
Vented vs. Non-vented
With solution filter vs. Without solution filter
IV set Luer lock vs. Luer slip
Auto air stop vs. Regular More

It means product specifications, which include tubing length, needle size, macro or micro drip, tube OD and ID, components size, etc. More

 Macro IV set refers to the IV sets that deliver drop factors of 10, 15, or 20 drops per mL. More

Macro drip set comes in three sizes: 10 gtt/mL, 15 gtt/mL, and 20 gtt/mL. Micro drip set comes in only one size: 60 gtt/mL. This means 60 drips per milliliter. More

A 60-drop gravity IV set is an infusion set that delivers 60 drops per mL. of the infused fluid. More

Macro drip set comes in three sizes: 10 gtt/mL, 15 gtt/mL, and 20 gtt/mL. Micro drip set comes in one size: 60 gtt/mL. This means 60 drips per milliliter. More

10,15, 20, or 60 drops

The number of drops in one mL. More

Check the information on the packaging. Usually the shelf life is 5 years. More

Vented IV sets have a small blue air vent on the spike. Medical personnel can open and close it to allow air to enter and displace the fluid upon leaving the container.
Non-vented IV sets do not have an air vent that allows opening and closing. More

Infusion set, drip set, IV giving set, intravenous set, IV administration set, IV tubing set, infusion giving set, gravity set, infusion line, etc.

IV set price ranges from 0.065 USD/EACH to 0.09 USD/EACH. The prices fluctuate and are mainly affected by raw materials cost, labor cost, exchange rate, etc. More

Non-PVC infusion set means the use of other materials aside from PVC. In most instances, manufacturers use polyurethane (PU) and polyolefin (PO) instead of PVC. More


It is the infusion set made of medical PVC raw material.

The term DHEP stands for di(2-ethylhexyl)phthalate. It is a softener used in PVC or polyvinyl chloride. DEHP helps in softening by increasing the flexibility of PVC. More

The IV set is made of PVC without DEHP, which mainly refers to drip chambers and tubings. More

The addition of plasticizers in PVC aims to supply the softness and flexibility of the compound. The most used plasticizer is DEHP. More

Small PE bag or paper pouch as the primary packing. Big PE bag or normal box as the secondary packing. Outer carton. More

It is an infusion set with a Luer lock connector. More

The primary IV set refers to a thin, flexible, plastic tubing that is connected to the bag or bottle of intravenous (IV) fluid. More

IV sets are used for the infusion of medicines over a long period in a controlled way. More

The standard IV tubing length is 150cm. It can be longer or shorter according to the market requirements. 

If you’re an importer, distributor, or wholesaler, please contact us by email at info@kmedhealth. If you are the final user, please contact our local distributors.

From the IV set diagram in the link, we can see how the IV set is composed, and the name and appearance of each part. More

Manufacturing defects
Physical damage
Pressure and flow rate
Age and wear

Inspecting the IV set quality based on physical properties can help ensure that they are safe and effective for use in medical treatment. More


The main types of syringe we produce are the Luer lock syringe and the Luer slip syringe. More

To describe a catheter tip syringe in brief, it is a “syringe without a needle.” It can also be called “irrigation syringe” or “tipped syringe”. More

The insulin syringe is the syringe for diabetes. It is designed with a slimmer barrel and a smaller needle. More

One type of syringe comprises two parts: (1) the plunger and (2) the barrel. Having these essential parts, we call this syringe the 2-part syringe. More

As the phrase implies, a 3-part syringe consists of the barrel, the plunger with the gasket, and the needle. More

1ml, 2ml, 3ml, 5ml, 10ml, 20ml, 50ml, 60ml. More

PE bag, blister, paper pouch.

The lure slip syringe necessitates medical staff to push the hypodermic needle onto the syringe end, forming a secure and robust connection. In contrast, luer lock syringes demand the hypodermic needle to be twisted, creating a secure bond by rotating the needle clockwise. More


The IV set components include the plastic spike with a protector cap, drip chamber, air vent, solution filter, roller clamp, injection site, needle, tubing, etc. We export the IV set drip chambers in large mount to factories worldwide. More

Parts are packed in bulk without sterilization.

It depends on the product. For some smaller parts, a carton can hold more such as 200,000 pcs. For some bigger parts, a carton can hold less, such as 2000 pcs.

It depends on the products. For roller clamps, the usual MOQ is 100,000 pcs. For drip chambers, the usual MOQ is 200,000 pcs

The primary function of an IV roller clamp is to control the flow rate of the IV fluid. More

Latex rubber is a natural substance made of the milky sap of the rubber tree. Latex-free rubber refers to rubber without latex. Usually, it can be silicone and isoprene. More

Very similar to the natural type, the Isoprene Rubber undergoes a synthetic process, and its chemical name is cis-polyisoprene. Its properties are mainly identical to natural rubber. However, they are weaker because it is not 100% cis-isomer. More

Isoprene is synthetic, artificial, and man-made. It has higher consistency, cure rate, purity, and processing than natural rubber, with minor allergies.
Natural rubber is the elastic material taken from the latex sap of trees. It can cause allergies. More

Luer lock has threads that provide a firm connection and a more secure fit to its counterpart, while the Luer slip does not. More

A Luer lock connector is a device that connects a needle or a catheter to plastic tubing. The male Luer lock is provided with an external housing with internal threads. In contrast, the female Luer lock has external threads. When one of the fittings is rotated, the two fittings are drawn together, tightening the seal. More

Air vent: the air vent allows air to enter the container of the IV fluid. Going over the surface of the fluid, the air subsequently exerts downward pressure to hasten the flow. The filter inside the air vent helps prevent microorganisms from entering the infusion bag is an essential function. More

The filter filters out the particles in the liquid and protects the patient from the infection caused by the particles. More

It allows the injection of emergency drugs into the fluid. More

Y site is a type of injection port. Y site is the location of ports where you can attach another IV line or a syringe for IV push medication. More

Failing to follow performance specifications
Migration of amine catalyst
PVC resin’s low resistance to heat, light, and oxygen
PVC degradation



The regular lead time is 45-50 days. It is affected by the purchase of raw materials& parts, packing production, etc. More

Ethylene oxide “gas” sterilization (ETO). More

It includes the purchasing raw materials and parts, inspection and warehousing, injection molding and squeezing out the blow, assembling, sealing, packing, sterilization, analytical, and storage. More

Ethylene oxide sterilization, gamma sterilization, electron beam sterilization (E-Beam), X-ray sterilization, wet heat (Steam) sterilization, wet heat sterilization, dry heat sterilization, hydrogen peroxide sterilization, ozone sterilization, and chlorine dioxide (ClO2 or CD) sterilization. More


Italy, Turkey, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Turkmenistan, Korea, Brazil, Pakistan, Vietnam, etc. More

CE, ISO, FSC, Medical device registration certificate, etc.

We’re a manufacturer with 30 years production experience in China. Our products are qualified with CE and ISO certificates. More
The regular lead time is 45-50 days. It is affected by the purchase of raw materials& parts, packing production, etc.
Sea, truck, and train are commonly used methods for transporting products, and the specific method chosen may depend on the customer’s needs and the shipment’s logistics.
If by sea, we will deliver products to our nearest port, Dalian port. If the clients want another loading port, such as Shanghai Port, we will use the truck to deliver the product to our Shanghai warehouse.
For Central Asian countries, we either use sea, truck, or train transportation. For example, we deliver products by truck to our Kyrgyzstan customers. However, we deliver products by sea to our Uzbekistan customers. Sea and truck transportation are used together for our Turkmenistan customers.

Every year in July, TUV Rheinland sends auditors to Liaoning KANGYI Medical Equipment Co., Ltd to conduct a TUV audit. More


The sterile barrier system refers to the primary packaging that is specifically designed to maintain sterility, protect the product from contamination, and allow for aseptic presentation. On the other hand, the protective packaging serves as an additional layer of defense for the sterile barrier system. More

It plays a crucial role in maintaining the sterility of medical products, protecting them from contamination, and ensuring safe delivery to patients. More

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