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CMEF medical fair

A medical fair is an event that includes all educational activities related to several health problems. It also includes members from multiple organizations that spread awareness of health challenges and promote health and fitness. The exhibition is a way for exhibitors and visitors to communicate face-to-face. The purpose is to allow exhibitors to better display products, find customers, and complete orders; allow visitors to effectively find their intended products and know market trend. Exhibitors are mostly factories and large trading companies, and most visitors are importers, distributors, wholesalers, etc.

Mentioned below is our compilation list of some of the famous and most important medical fair in the world.

CMEF (China)

The China International Medical Equipment Fair (CMEF) is a big forum for showcasing a large variety of medical equipment in the Asia Pacific. It takes place in various locations twice a year, once in spring and once in fall. In 2018, about 3000 exhibitors and 120000 visitors were received by CMEF.

CMEF (China)

Exhibition visitors

Mostly Doctors, hospital administration managers, and hospital administrative staff, biologists, microbiologists, biochemists, chemists, technicians and engineers, distributors and agents, research and development institutes, and media persons attend this exhibition.

Exhibition time

09:30 AM – 06:00 PM

Exhibition date and location

19 – 22 Oct 2020 at Zhuguang Rd, Qingpu Qu, Shanghai Shi, China

Website: https://www.cmef.com.cn/default.aspx

IDS Dental (Germany)

International Dental Shows (IDS) is an important medical fair for the dental sector. More than 155000 visitors and more than 2300 exhibiting organizations from 166 countries have witnessed a fruitful edition in 2017.

IDS Dental (Germany)
IDS Dental

Exhibition visitors

IDS brings together dentists, dental lab technicians, trade dealers, organizations, research institutions, consultants, and graduates. The IDS exhibition attracts German and international suppliers of dental and laboratory practice, infection prevention, and maintenance based products. They also provide tools and materials for disinfection devices and protective equipment to instruments.

Exhibition time: 9:00 AM – 6:00 PM

Exhibition Venue: It will be held from 10 to 13 March 2021 (Wednesday – Saturday, 4 days) at Köln Messe, Messeplatz 1, 50679 Cologne, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany.

Website: https://www.english.ids-cologne.de/

Arab Health (UAE)

Arab Health is the world’s second-largest medical fair The exhibition shows different dental instruments, electrical medicine, hospital equipment, hospital supplies, laboratory equipment, medical equipment, medical technology, pharmaceuticals, and rehabilitation equipment.

Arab Health (UAE)
Arab Health

Exhibition visitors: Over 101000 visitors have been reported to date along with 4100 exhibitors yearly.

Exhibition time: 11:00 AM – 08:00 PM

Exhibition Venue: 21-24 June, 2021 at Dubai World Trade Center.

Website: https://www.arabhealthonline.com/en/Home.html

Hospitalar (Brazil)

Hospitalar is considered as the most significant exhibition in the national and international industry founded by the British corporation Informa. It provides an overview of the new advanced medical technology and devices for the visitors.

Hospitalar (Brazil)

Exhibition visitors: 1200+ Exhibitions Brands

  • 70+ Participating Countries
  • 35 Events at the same time
  • 670+ Speaker
  • 50,000+ Different Tours
  • 90,000+ Professional Visitors

Exhibition time: 11:00 AM – 08:00 PM

Exhibition Venue: 19-22 May, 2020 in Sao Paulo, Brazil

Website: https://www.hospitalar.com/en/home.html

MEDICA (Germany)

MEDICA is the leading medical technology fair globally which attracting about 150000 visitors and more than 5100 exhibitors in 19 halls from 70 different countries. The fair takes place in Dusseldorf once a year and is open mainly to trade visitors.

MEDICA (Germany)

Exhibition visitors: Visitors are mostly general physicians, clinical surgeons, clinical managers, nursing staff workers, hospital technical managers, laboratory management staff, physiotherapists, and Hospital Operators. If you are an industry expert or an innovative outsider, use the opportunity to present to an informed audience about your products and services.

Exhibition time: (Online) 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM.

Exhibition date: 16-19 Nov, 2021. Monday – Thursday, 4 days

Websites: https://www.medica-tradefair.com/


FIME (United-States)

FIME is a trade fair for medical equipment, products, services, and technologies held annually at the Miami Beach Convention Center in the USA are organized by Informa. FIME received about 1100 exhibitors and 17500 visitors globally.

FIME (United-States)

Exhibition visitors: Healthcare Suppliers, Disposable Products, Diagnostic Suppliers, Surgical Suppliers, Laboratory Suppliers, Emergency Care Suppliers, Dental Suppliers, Rehabilitation Product Suppliers, Imagine Suppliers, Medical Facilities Providers, Biomedical Product Suppliers, Pharmaceutical Suppliers are the central visitors of this exhibition.

Exhibition Venue: In summer, 2021 at Miami.

Website: https://www.fimeshow.com/en/home.html

CPhl Worldwide (Europe)

CPhI is the largest fair in the pharmaceutical industry which is held once a year in different countries around the world. It is organized by Informa. Every year CPhI brings together more than 100,000 pharmaceutical experts to find business opportunities and grow the global market.

CPhl Worldwide (Europe)

Exhibition visitors: This exhibition is attended by about 45000 visitors and 2500 exhibitors.

Exhibition time: 12:00 PM – 5:30 PM

Exhibition Venue: 31-Aug to 2-Sept, 2021 at Fiera Milano, Milan, Italy.

Website: https://www.cphi.com/europe/en/home.html

Bio International Convention (United-States)

The BIO international convention is organized by the Biotechnology Innovation Organization (BIO). It brings together a wide range of fields of application and life sciences, including drug development, nanotechnology, biomanufacturing, genomics, biofuels, and cell therapy.

Bio International Convention (United-States)
Image 33

Exhibition visitors: It gathers over 1800 exhibitors and 16000 biotech and pharma professionals. If you are a biotechnologist then you must avail of this opportunity to gain new suppliers from all over the world.

Exhibition time: 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM

Exhibition date: 14-17 June, 2021 at San Diego Convention Center

Website: https://www.bio.org/events/bio-international-convention


Image 35

The SantExpo is the leading healthcare trade fair in France which is organized by the Hospital Federation of France. The event hosts 950 exhibitors and 35000 professionals, decision-makers, and healthcare practitioners interested in healthcare facility management, managing IT, equipment, and building. Today, this exhibition has been a representation of the modern transformation taking place in the industry.

Exhibition time: 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM

Exhibition date: 18-20 May, 2021 at Paris expo – Porte de Versailles – Hall 1

Website: https://www.santexpo.com/en/

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