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Vented And Non-vented IV sets

vented&non vented iv set

The way to distinguish these two IV sets is by observing the air vent in the plastic spike. Vented tubing has a spike with a small blue air vent. However, non-vented tubing does not have it. From the pictures, you’ll see the differences. The IV set is used as a conduit through which a liquid substance is delivered directly into the patient’s vein. It serves as an effective means to correct dehydration and electrolyte imbalances and to provide specialized medications and blood or its components.

Frequently, medical workers use IV sets to save lives. Patients suffering from sepsis—an overwhelming infection—need antibiotics infused through the IV set. Cancer patients need to use IV sets to receive their chemotherapy drugs. Highly debilitated patients have no choice but to use IV sets to receive their vitamin infusion therapy

Differences between vented and non-vented IV tubing

Vented tubing

Vented IV tubing, commonly referred to as the IV tubing with an air vent, is a specialized medical device designed to facilitate the infusion of fluids in a controlled manner. The air vent consists of a plastic part with a cap and air filter. Medical personnel can open and close the cap to allow air to enter and displace the fluid upon leaving the container.

Air vent

Vented IV tubings are particularly indispensable when it comes to facilitating the administration of intravenous fluids from rigid containers, such as those made of hard plastic or glass. In the absence of an air vent, the liquid within these containers would encounter resistance, impeding its smooth flow through the IV tubing. To address this challenge, manufacturers strategically incorporate an air vent within the drip chamber of the IV set.

vented and non vented iv set
Vented& Non-vented drip chamber

In vented IV tubing, two forces act on the fluid to make the flow possible:

(1) the force of gravity and

(2) the air pressure produced as air enters the vent.

The force of gravity pulls the fluid down while the air pressure from the vented IV set pushes down the fluid. The force of gravity increases when the elevation of the bag or bottle of fluid increases, thus making the flow rate faster. The reverse comes true when medical personnel lowers the bag or bottle of fluid.

Here are some pictures of our IV set with air vent. Shop vented IV sets

Vented IV sets

Non-vented tubing

Non-vented IV set is an IV set without an air vent. It does not have an air vent that allows opening and closing.

Flexible plastic containers need this type of IV set. A non-vented IV set requires that the IV fluid completely fills in the tubing to get rid of and remove air before attaching the IV tube to the patient. This type of tubing creates a vacuum within the plastic IV bag so that it collapses as it empties the fluid.

In non-vented IV sets, two forces act on the fluid to make the flow possible:

(1) the force of gravity and

(2) the force coming from the collapsing fluid container.

In a fixed fluid container, such as a bottle and hard plastic, the collapsing force does not exist. Hence, the fluid does not flow. Allowing air to enter the bottle or fixed fluid container by venting causes the fluid flow.

Here are some pictures of our IV set without an air vent. The left one is one of our famous IV sets in Brazil. Shop non-vented IV set

Non-vented iv set

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