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IV sets production workshop


Liaoning Kangyi Medical Equipment Co., Ltd. (Kmed) was founded in 1994. It has been one of the leading disposable infusion sets and syringes manufacturers within the healthcare industry in Liaoning.

To date, Kangyi Medical has employed more than 300 staff working incessantly to practice the company’s policy of pursuing good quality as its highest priority. As proof of its being a good quality standard, its quality assurance system has been certified as meeting the basic requirements for excellence by the Chinese National Medical Products Administration, ISO 13485, and the European Union’s CE mark.

Disposable medical device manufacturer
Disposable medical device manufacturer

In the past years, Kangyi Medical has been focusing on producing a wide range of disposable medical devices and their components. To mention some disposable infusion sets, disposable syringes, and medical accessories are being made. In terms of production output, it has been producing over 600 million units per year. These products have been sold all over China and in other parts of the world, like Italy, Turkey, Brazil, Turkmenistan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, etc.

Kangyi Medical assembly workshop
Kangyi Medical assembly workshop


Purchasing department

This department is responsible for the procurement of primary medical-grade raw materials, such as ABS, PVC, PE, and PP, needed to produce the different finished products. Thus, it is mainly responsible for looking at the possible and most feasible sources of these raw materials.

Production department 

Design, molding, and assembly

The company’s facilities manufacture semi-finished products from granules using injection and extrusion machines, supporting its product portfolio with comprehensive and state-of-the-art molds. These semi-finished products, in turn, are assembled, packaged, and labeled in assembly lines at high-quality standards. 

 injection and extrusion machines
Injection and extrusion machines

Clean rooms 

To keep the bacterial particle load at a minimum level, all the production, assembly, and packaging processes of disposable infusion sets and syringes are carried out in 100.000 Class clean rooms.

Assembled in 100.000 Class clean rooms
Assembled in 100.000 Class clean rooms

Tailor-made production

The parts of all infusion sets, including length, hose type, and accessories (drip chamber, flow regulator, connectors, etc.), can be designed and manufactured based on the need of the healthcare professionals.

infusion sets
Infusion sets

Quality inspection department 

Under the certification of ISO 9001 and ISO 13485, this group ensures that the quality of the goods meets the requirements. Validated test methods in production are implemented. Specifically, a sampling method based on international standards and 100% quality control tests is used. Congestion, leakage, and pulling in our products are closely looked into and routinely tested. In addition, devices, machinery, equipment, and molds are periodically checked and evaluated.

Quality inspection department
Quality inspection department 

Domestic sales department

This group takes care of the sales and marketing of the finished infusion sets and syringes within China.

Export sales department

This department handles the sales and marketing of IV sets and syringes outside of China. The staff searches for potential customers worldwide and communicates with them. The exporting office is in Changzhou City, Jiangsu. Here, there are salespeople responsible for exportation.

Finance and accounting department

This group handles the financial books of the company. They manage the sales and expenditures, and they have information on the financial standing of the company. 

Engineering and technical department

The primary function of this department is to explore and develop new products, and these products are expected to be of a new generation, innovative, and user-friendly. In addition, these newly developed products could reduce hospital infections, be more efficient and accurate, could help doctors and nurses save their time, and significantly reduce the total expenses for consumables of the hospitals.    

Business Strategy

The company has been implementing a two-pronged approach in selling and marketing its products: domestic selling and exportation. The pipeline plans to target and cover new hospitals, medical clinics, and medical distributors in China. On the other front, exportation to more countries. For example, in Asia, the company plans to export medical components to Vietnam, Korea, etc. With these moves, aimed at inside and outside of China, penetration of the market will surely succeed. 

Legacy and commitment

Kangyi Medical puts much emphasis and importance on satisfying the needs of its customers. To achieve this end, the management inculcates among its staff the need to develop and practice good communication skills. Through effective communication, we believe that the customers’ needs could be ultimately unraveled and finally satisfied.

Company management
Company management

Aside from directly serving the needs of their customers, we invite our existing and prospective customers to visit the factory. This is meant to gain their trust and for them to understand the company better. 

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