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CMEF 2024

The booth of Liaoning KANGYI Medical Equipment Co., Ltd. where products were exhibited.

The Liaoning KANGYI Medical Equipment Co., Ltd.’s participation in CMEF 2024

The China International Medical Equipment Fair held its CMEF Spring 2024, also known as the 89th China International Medical Equipment Fair, or Shanghai Fair, on April 11-14, 2024, in the National Exhibition and Convention Center, Shanghai, China. Our company, The Liaoning KANGYI Medical Equipment Co., Ltd., participated in the CMEF 2024 Fair and occupied booth 7.2N27.

Figure 1. The venue of the 89th China International Medical Equipment (Spring) Fair
Figure 1. The venue of the 89th China International Medical Equipment (Spring) Fair

Exhibiting our products

We exhibited our various products to familiarize prospective customers with them. Our company has a complete array of the following products, and we exhibited them at the Fair:

Infusion sets

Infusion sets with rubber tubes

DEHP-free infusion sets

Infusion sets with Y injection site

Infusion sets with soft drip chamber

Infusion sets, simple

Infusion sets with double chamber

Burette-type infusion set

Transfusion sets

Extension tubes


Luer lock syringes, three-part latex or latex-free

Disposable insulin syringes and tuberculin syringes

Irrigation syringes

Drip chamber

Drip chamber with spike

Drip chamber with winged spike

Round bottom drip chamber with spike

Double drip chamber spike

Transfusion set drip chamber with spike

Plastic spike

Luer connector

Female Luer connector and Luer slip connector

Luer lock connectors

Connector with solution filter


Roller clamps

Safety roller clamps

Slide clamps

Pinch clamps

Injection sites

Y injection site

Finger protective Y injection site

Assembled injection site


Normal cap

Priming cap

Combi stopper cap

Male Luer cap


Disposable hypodermic needles

Single-wing scalp vein set

Butterfly scalp vein set

Single wing blood connection needle

Figure 2. The booth of Liaoning KANGYI Medical Equipment Co., Ltd. where products were exhibited.
Figure 2. The booth of Liaoning KANGYI Medical Equipment Co., Ltd. where products were exhibited.

Distributing promotional materials

Our company distributed several promotional materials describing a wide range of disposable medical devices, components, and other products that we had to offer prospective users. The promotional materials focused on disposable infusion sets, syringes, and medical accessories.

Answering the queries of prospective customers

A number of prospective customers approached our booth to ask questions regarding our products. Our staff were there to answer their questions. We were well aware that prospective customers wanted to know how our products could help them in their work. Hence, we assigned well-trained staff to our booth who could satisfy the curiosity of existing and possibly new customers.

Dining out customers

We dined out with some customers to establish rapport. We asked them questions about possible problems they had encountered in our company and offered some solutions. We also asked the customers how else our company could help them. The dining out provided us and the customers with valuable and priceless time to interact with each other.

The Liaoning KANGYI Medical Equipment Co., Ltd.’s future participation in the Fair

Conducting satellite symposia

Our company plans to conduct satellite symposia at the Fair to enlighten our existing and prospective customers with the new trends in our product development. Again, in this venue, we will be able to answer our customers’ questions. We believe that it would be easier and faster to launch a new product if potential customers were updated and informed about it at an earlier stage of product development.

Establishing strategic alliances with potential partners

Our company plans to establish strategic alliances with potential business partners. It would be more cost-effective if our company could have more partners in the world’s different continents, such as Africa, Europe, the Americas, and Asia. Indeed, there are other companies which need our line of products. We could invite them to carry our products in their sales and marketing efforts. In return, we could also have some of their products whose uses supplement ours. The potential of a good product mix strategy needs to be explored when we meet with our potential business partners.
As some sales and marketing experts suggest, “Be Everywhere With Your Product.” This can be achieved by having business partners in different parts of the globe. All these activities can be fully implemented in future Fairs, such as the CMEF.

Creating an online presence

One way to expose the nature of the company is to create a very active and vibrant online presence. Aside from a website, venues for discussing the products must be established. This could be in the form of blogs where prospective customers could not only learn the features and benefits of a product but where they could ask questions. The company’s activities regarding this matter must be highlighted in future Fairs.

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