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CMEF 2024 Shanghai


The China International Medical Equipment Fair (CMEF)

Knowing the venue and date

The CMEF Spring 2024, also known as the 89th China International Medical Equipment Fair, or Shanghai Fair, will be held on April 11-14, 2024, in the National Exhibition and Convention Center, Shanghai, China. Ask for a fair map

Knowing CMEF in a nutshell

Starting in 1979, the CMEF has been holding international fairs twice a year, once in spring and another in autumn, with exhibitions and fora as the principal activities. In the last 45 years, CMEF has been serving as a global platform and venue for holding exhibitions and fora for new and current medical devices, products, technology, new product launches, procurement and trade, scientific collaborations, academic fora, brand promotion, education, and training.

The Fair displays and exposes more than ten thousand products, including medical optical and electro-medical devices, innovative healthcare and wearable equipment, and services, such as medical imaging, medical examinations, in-vitro diagnostics, and hospital constructions. As the years ended and advanced, the CMEF has incessantly sustained its growth, with the introduction of more than 30 subdivided industrial clusters, such as artificial intelligence, computer tomography, magnetic resonance imaging, operating room, molecular diagnosis, point-of-care testing, rehabilitation projects, rehabilitation assistive devices, and medical ambulances.

To date, more than 7,000 medical device manufacturers from all over the world have exhibited their products and services in the CMEF. To trade and exchange medical products and services, approximately 2,000 specialists and talents and 200,000 visitors and buyers, which include government procurement agencies, hospital buyers, and dealers from over 100 countries, gather semi-annually in the CMEF.

The CMEF has put up a string of highly influential sub-brands in the medical field to expand its influence on various industries further. These include the International Component Manufacturing and Design Show, CMEF Congress, CMEF Imaging, CMEF IVD, CMEF Indonesia, CMEF Beijing, the Intelligent Health China, and the Beijing International Rehabilitation and Personal Health Show.

Building bridges and gaining insights

The CMEF Shanghai Fair is open to the exhibition of new and current products from different companies worldwide. In addition, it also fosters knowing new business partners and gaining innovative insights on emerging products. Above everything else, the Fair builds and establishes new and lasting relationships.

CMEF provides a one-stop procurement platform for local distributors, buyers, dealers, or suppliers looking for new business opportunities. Visitors can look forward to an extensive and variegated showcase of exhibits for renowned international brands and witness the latest innovations. Serving an absolute supply chain for medical products, cutting-edge technologies, and future-ready solutions, CMEF connects businesses and medical professionals from across the world who value the priceless power of learning and networking.

Facilitating connections of compatible partners

The CMEF Business Matchmaking Program facilitates companies’ connections to their compatible partners. The Fair promotes meeting compatible partners based on shared interests and priority areas. The Fair does this by arranging meetings with potential partners online and on-site during the exhibition. Suppose you want to participate in the CMEF’s Business Matchmaking Program. In that case, you can post your demand and supply online now, and you will be connected with your potential partners. In due time, you start a new business! This program is actively running throughout the year at CMEF.

The Liaoning KANGYI Medical Equipment Co., Ltd.

KANGYI’s  Participation in the CMEF 2024 Shanghai

Our company, Liaoning KANGYI Medical Equipment Co., Ltd., will participate in the CMEF 2024 Shanghai Fair on 11-14 April 2024. We will occupy booth number 7.2N27. In this connection, we invite you to visit our booth at the Fair to see our exhibits. Furthermore, we would be happy to entertain your questions regarding our company and our different products during the said occasion. We would be willing to discuss possible and strategic business alliances with your company.

Location and products

Liaoning KANGYI Medical Equipment Co., Ltd. started doing business in 1994 and is now one of the leading manufacturers in the healthcare industry within the Chinese province of Liaoning. The company maintains a high-quality assurance standard certified by the Chinese National Medical Products Administration, ISO 13485, and the European Union’s CE mark. It focuses on producing a wide range of disposable medical devices, components, and other products. Specifically, producing disposable IV sets, syringes, and medical accessories is one of its business activities, producing over 600 million units annually.

Factory and sales destinations

The products of KANGYI MEDICAL are sold all over China and exported to different destinations worldwide, such as in Europe, South America, Russia, Africa, and the Middle East. The company employs over 300 staff, with 50 people working in engineering and technical management, and its premises occupy an area of 20,000 square meters, with 75% of the land occupied by the building itself. The building has 100,000 class purification workshops covering 8,000 square meters.

Sales staff and customer service

Our company maintains an excellent standard of customer service. Two-way communication is the center of our customer service. We listen to our customers, and our highly professional team spends all available time assisting them. Processing orders efficiently and effectively has always been our top priority.

We sincerely hope to cooperate with you and invite you to visit our factory. We prioritize establishing long, lasting, and stable relationships with all our customers based on our commitment to promoting the highest quality of products and services. We look forward to hearing from you and to discuss how Liaoning KANGYI Medical Equipment can best meet your needs.

Central office location and contact information

The complete name of our company is Liaoning KANGYI Medical Equipment Co., Ltd.

Main Office Location: No. 34 Meicheng West Road, Haizhou District, Fuxin City, Liaoning, Chin

Contact us:

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