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Infusion set

Системы инфузионные 22G

Описание  Инфузионная система 22G представляет собой важный медицинский инструмент, применяемый для точного и безопасного введения инфузионных растворов в периферические вены пациентов. Ее использование становится неотъемлемой

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eo sterilization

What Is EO Sterilization Used For?

EO gas, or ethylene oxide gas, is a highly effective sterilant commonly used in the medical industry. It is particularly valuable for sterilizing heat- and moisture-sensitive medical devices that cannot withstand traditional moist heat sterilization methods.

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infusion set l, luer slip, 15µm filter, latex free y port, sterile, without needle
Infusion set

Nosso Famoso Equipo De Macrogotas No Brasil

O equipo de infusão por gravidade com gotejamento macrogotas, que permite a administração de 20 gotas por mililitro, juntamente com um conector Luer Slip, foi especificamente desenvolvido para facilitar a administração de medicamentos e soluções diretamente na corrente sanguínea do paciente.

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packged iv sets in a carton

Sterile Barrier System v.s Protective Packaging

The sterile barrier system refers to the primary packaging that is specifically designed to maintain sterility, protect the product from contamination, and allow for aseptic presentation. The protective packaging serves as an additional layer of defense for the sterile barrier system. 

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assembly process of iv infusion set
Infusion set

How the IV administration set is assembled?

A whole assembly process of an IV infusion set by machine, including the assembly of the fluid filter, the assembly of the drip chamber with spike, the assembly of the roller clamp, the assembly of the injection port, and the assembly of the IV tubing.

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tuv factory audit in kangyi

TUV Factory Audit In KANGYI

TUVRheinland sends auditors to Liaoning KANGYI Medical Equipment Co., Ltd to conduct a factory audit. This audit is a customized assessment that evaluates the quality systems, work environment, and capabilities of the facility, following the standards defined by TÜV SÜD.

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